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Gut bacteria are protected by host during illness

To protect their gut microbes during illness, sick mice produce specialized sugars in the gut that feed their microbiota and maintain a healthy microbial balance. This protective mechanism appears to help resist or tolerate additional harmful pathogens, and its disruption may play a role in human diseases such as Crohn’s disease, report scientists from the University of Chicago in… 544 more words

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Using artificial sweeteners may raise diabetes risk

Consumption of noncaloric artificial sweeteners appeared to induce glucose intolerance in both mice and humans by altering gut microbiota in a series of experiments conducted by researchers in Israel.

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Cranberry juice shown to have long term health benefits


Drinking cranberry juice may help prevent some of our biggest killers including heart disease, diabetes and cancer, new research suggests.

Quebec based Laval University, Professor Yves Desjardins told the International Horticultural Congress in Brisbane this week that all berries, and cranberries in particular, contain polyphenols, an organic compound that helps regulate the natural bacteria in our gut. 177 more words


"Breast Is Best"... But Why?

Bodily fluids are some of the most studied parts of a human. I’ve only been in science a few years, and in that time, I’ve done more experiments with blood than I care to remember. 570 more words