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From church to the shops

The Bible that turned people away from the church.

It may sound like a paradox, but the first printed book ever could be called that way with no shame. 301 more words

Chapter 8 Summary: "Shakespeare"

In this chapter it talked a lot about the Moleskine it was very popular and very useful, we can all use it for a lot of things like keeping notes and reminders about everything or just doodling. 358 more words

Vishua Lecture- Mass Production And The Modern World

During the industrial revolution, more and more factories were built which introduced mass production in to the world; the starting point for us becoming a modern society and the cause behind a higher consumerism. 296 more words


Is Google Making Us Stupid?

So, is Google making you stupid?

Sven Birkerts, even before Google, says yes: the web is trapping us in a world of shallowness, a web that erodes language, flattens historical perspective, and destroys privacy. 437 more words

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Current Book Read: Perfect Behavior

From the title, you would think the book is about etiquette and how to act appropriately. In a way, it is. However, once you dive into the book, you realize very quickly, it’s actually a parody on social protocols! 432 more words


Top Ten EBooks from Yesterday and Today week ending 4/4/2014

Each Friday I bring you the top ten ebooks from yesterday and today for a total of 30 FREE ebooks! I try to find actual free ebooks, not ‘free previews’. 345 more words


Ch.7 Gutenberg: Little Mirrors

In this chapter William Powers talks about a man known as Johann Gutenberg. Gutenberg was an entrepreneur, businessman, and technologist, he is best known for creating the movable printing press. 364 more words