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Chapter 11 Summary: "A Cooler Self"

In this chapter it talks about Marshall McLuhan and how technology has take in over our lives many people gets crazy without technology right beside them there are a lot of chaos involved. 252 more words

Bringhurst Illustrates Type Art

Robert Bringhurst. 2012.  The Elements of Typographic Style.  Seattle:  Hartley & Marks [1].

Review by Stephen W. Hiemstra

When I attended seminary I acquired a new vocabulary for discussing both my spiritual life and my relationships.   673 more words


Current Book Read: The Girls of Friendly Terrace

But there are thirteen of us. Do you think I’d sit down thirteen at the table, and on the thirteenth of the month, too?” Amy was very much in earnest.

284 more words

From church to the shops

The Bible that turned people away from the church.

It may sound like a paradox, but the first printed book ever could be called that way with no shame. 301 more words

Chapter 8 Summary: "Shakespeare"

In this chapter it talked a lot about the Moleskine it was very popular and very useful, we can all use it for a lot of things like keeping notes and reminders about everything or just doodling. 358 more words

Vishua Lecture- Mass Production And The Modern World

During the industrial revolution, more and more factories were built which introduced mass production in to the world; the starting point for us becoming a modern society and the cause behind a higher consumerism. 296 more words


Is Google Making Us Stupid?

So, is Google making you stupid?

Sven Birkerts, even before Google, says yes: the web is trapping us in a world of shallowness, a web that erodes language, flattens historical perspective, and destroys privacy. 437 more words

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