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An Unexpected Encounter in London, or Gutenberg in Korea

The universe works in mysterious ways. It boggles the mind at times. Last Wednesday I was in London for a very brief visit to the… 1,033 more words


4 Big Interruptions

“The specialist makes no small mistakes while moving toward the grand fallacy.” – Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media

Things are going along relatively smoothly. Life is predictable, if not entirely enjoyable. 1,173 more words


at home in the library at the end of the Earth

children used to understand and visualize a bookend with metal, bronze, or some other sort of hard material- unlike the boring metal book ends of the 20th century…and it was within those bookends in a snug little room with the hard bound covers that one found solace, romance, or adventure of the cerebral kind. 122 more words



The sea, a bohemian Don Quixote;
inferno, purgatorio, paradiso,
La Divina Commedia.
Inferno, purgatory, paradise,
entire comedy, the inferno from divine
purgatory, the divine translation. 53 more words

Found Poetry


Stage-land: the baby of philosophy, the mysterious winter
of kindness. Mercies – the Philosopher’s joke. Or:
the love of sayings, pieces of history, of life in… 170 more words

Found Poetry


The book, the story, notes, emblems, stories, essays, lectures:
when thinkers of the air, and the Doctor in the air,
sinking, sinking, the travels of the lost, boyhood, the… 129 more words

Found Poetry


France failed to work its charm on this visit. Maybe it was because Alsace-Lorraine did not feel like France. It could be excused if it suffers something of an identity crisis because France and Germany fought over it many times.Strasbourg is French but to get the feel of France you have to go to an area known as La Petite France which sounds like a French ghetto in a German city. 676 more words