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Book of the Week: Gutenberg's Apprentice - Alix Christie

I did a little sneak peek mention of this back in July when the starred reviews started coming in. A glance at the cover locates this for readers as a historical novel. 627 more words


Early discoveries that the most impact on the development of mass media

After attending several weeks of class, and listening to the discussions on the different information revolutions in the world, I have found that one development of mass media that affected the world the most, was the printing press. 212 more words


G’day, Gutenberg! ’Allo, Aldo!

Contrary to popular belief (fostered by the current contretemps between A Major Online Retailer and A Traditional Publisher), the pocket-sized paperback was not a mid-20th-Century innovation. 1,201 more words


On Reading

Mark Twain said it.  A man who does not read good books has no advantage over a man who cannot read them.”

The first printing press was first used in China in 1041-1048.  390 more words

Food For Thought

On Nicholas Carr's The Shallows

I confess that Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows has been sitting on my bedside “to be read” pile for the last three year’s – pretty much since it first came out. 854 more words

Current Book Read: Heidi

Heidi is just about my most favorite book from childhood. But I can’t say for sure why it became my favorite.

Maybe it was because she lost her family, and then found family again with her Grandfather and his friends in the mountains. 390 more words


O Captain! My Captain! - LibriVox

If you’ve been on the Internet at all in the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably run across the phrase “O Captain! My Captain!”  From YouTube clips of… 1,689 more words