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Moods of the Mississippi

I never get tired of the sunrises on the river.



The Galaxy Club review

There is a little review of The Galaxy Club over at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library Blog.

I quote: “It’s addictive reading—funny, clever, quickly paced, and incredibly weird.”

Not Just a Typical Day on the River

Something is not right with these 2 tow boats and their barges.

Could the problem be this smoking load of coal?

Working on it….

This is going to take some time to resolve the problem. Going on 21 hours now.


Summer is moving along...

This baby eagle has grown tremendously since we first saw him (her?) 2 months ago!

Mama is still keeping an eye on her little one.


Wedding Bells and the Wedding cards that make everything

The Marriages are made in Heaven; the matches are made on Earth.
The matter in the wedding card is one, but the cards are made in different forms. 1,721 more words

Peanut butter does the trick

My sweet hubby drilled holes in a small log which I then filled with peanut butter. So far, the Downy Woodpecker loves it. I’m hoping to attract a Pileated Woodpecker eventually.


Fireworks over the Mississippi

My first attempt at photographing fireworks.

The grand finale.