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Psychogeography – Introducing the Inner Space of the Outer Existence

The Naked City, a psycho-geographical map by Guy Débord

Psychogeography is a widely applied concept – through some fault of its own, though for none in itself – whose contemporary use has found articulation in many revolutionary and resistant forms of anti-capitalist critique. 1,541 more words


Paul Stanley To Rock Hall Of Fame: “We Can’t Believe One Stupid Gimmick Got Us This Far”

Friday night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony certainly did not go as planned. The all-star gala turned into a near riot when Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley announced to the capacity crowd that he wanted to thank “all the morons who shelled out millions of dollars on our worthless toys and mindlessly dull records.” He continued, “if it weren’t for you people being dumb as a pail of hammers, I’d have never been able to afford all of the cars, drugs and mansions I’ve bought over the years with money that could have been used on things that actually might have bettered your lives.” 545 more words

Excessive Cruelty Towards Strangers


Not exactly a poem, more a tour de force of revolutionary conceptual explorations through words and image by French Situationist philosopher Guy Debord. This film pioneered a technique of video montage we might now call a ‘mashup’, in a complex and challenging prose that explores the relationship between society, culture, politics, art, media, and the abstraction of values that becomes almost a riddle of it’s own self. 738 more words


En un mundo cada vez más inundado por cantidades inmensas de información resulta muy difícil poder estar seguros si realmente estamos sobre la pista de alguna cosa que realmente valga la pena todo el esfuerzo que realizamos descartando noticias, correos, twits, etc. 541 more words

Anthropology Of Media

Tracing the Contours of Anti-Capitalism

The Philosophical Roots of Anti-Capitalism: Essays on History, Culture, and Dialectical Thought

David Black, Lexington Books (2013)

Capitalism in the U.S. and Europe has evidently survived the massive financial crisis it found itself confronted by in late 2007. 1,500 more words

Raya Dunayevskaya

” At the same time all individual reality has become social, in the sense that it is shaped by social forces and is directly dependent on them.

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The Public Sphere (IV)

The public sphere should be the centre of rational debate, but it has become a spectacle for a stultified populace. How did it come to this and what is to be done? 2,084 more words

Tim Christiaens