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305MC - Spectacle

The TV series Downton Abby is a period drama based in the post-Edwardian era. It represents the past through its location; being located within a grand manor, props, clothing and language used. 358 more words

One can't have deconstruction without situationism

I had this debate with a friend on objectivity in science. She had read about it and didn’t believe in it. I argued with Husserl’s geometry but she didn’t care for it, arguing for a weakness in my opinion, stressing that maths is something else. 175 more words

Guy Debord : The Naked City


When writing Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography, Guy Debord was seeking a new way of life in the observation of certain processes of chance and predictability in the streets: 174 more words

Art Project Statements

The New Babylon (1929), a film about The Paris Commune (1871)

1929, USSR, 93 min
Director: Grigori Kozintsev; Leonid Trauberg.

“The film The New Babylon (Novyy Vavilon) was directed by Kozintsev and Trauberg in 1929. 97 more words


The Clinic - on recuperation and contemporary art

In general usage the word ‘recuperation’ means the return to normal health after illness, but in a sociological sense it refers specifically to the process by which radical ideas and subversive practices become neutralized and co-opted back into mainstream culture. 2,170 more words


The Death and Resurrection of the Avant-garde

In 2001 Will Self declared the avant garde long gone and dead with the suicide of Guy Debord in 1994, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. 191 more words

On the Nature of Situation Construction

One of the things that the situation construction makes clear is the responsibility of the humanistic value in the age of the spectacle. This derives from and into kantian imperatives. 225 more words