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Tract - "For the Power of the Workers Councils (22nd May 1968 - CMDO/SI)

Translated by Ken Knabb)


In the space of ten days workers have occupied hundreds of factories, a spontaneous general strike has brought the country to a standstill, and de facto committees have taken over many state-owned buildings. 481 more words


Fated to Get Paid to Pretend

He followed the road, the relentless, invisible, undeniable, how come it looks so beautiful? It does not debase people to the point of making them love it, but many are paid to pretend that they do… 14 more words

We're in Heaven

In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, life is presented as an immense accumulation of spectacles.

The illusory paradise representing a total denial of earthly life is no longer projected into the heavens, it is embedded in earthly life itself. 51 more words

A Part of the World Represents Itself to the World

In the spectacle, a part of the world represents itself to the world and is superior to it. The spectacle is simply the common language of this separation. 37 more words

Adversity is the Fool's Name for Fate (ch. 3.3)

That’s really the problem with the ponderous crimes of history – the blame bleeds over onto everyone, and who should escape righteous comeuppance when, contrary to gospel, no one is without sin, and everyone has a stone to throw? 1,072 more words

Becket Flannery

Appropriation About The Blog Readers

The blog readers, which has never been very bourgeois and which is scarcely any longer working-class, is now recruited almost entirely from a single social stratum, though one that has been considerably enlarged — the stratum of low-level skilled employees in the various “service” occupations that are so necessary to the present production system: management, control, maintenance, research, teaching, propaganda, entertainment, and pseudocritique. 256 more words


It’s integral to the mechanics of our modern society. Whether we like it or not, the grand collection of ‘stuff’ and images that manifests itself into media and thus our lives, this creates a relationship between our realities and the messages behind the media content. 378 more words