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From the preface – “Panegyric means more than eulogy. Eulogy no doubt includes praise of the person, but it does not exclude a certain criticism, a certain blame. 13 more words


From Two Unpublished Notes on Architecture:

“The problem of architecture is not that of being seen from without or that of living within. It is in the dialectical relation interior-exterior, at the level of urbanism (houses-streets) and at the level of the house (interior-exterior)…     … 36 more words

A (not so) heroic return

Like those famous transient edifices in Teshigahara’s 1964 “Woman of the Dunes,” I’ve shifted about constantly these past two years. I am still attending the same university, in the same program, in pursuit of some of the same lifelong goals I’ve been chasing down for three and a half years. 153 more words


The Wicked Angels of Our Nature, Alternative Texts To Pinker/Zuckerberg

“Since the neo-Leninist illusion carried on by present-day Trotskyism is constantly being contradicted by the reality of modern capitalist societies (both bourgeois and bureaucratic), it is not surprising that it gets its most favorable reception in the nominally independent “underdeveloped” countries, where the local ruling classes’ versions of bureaucratic state socialism end up amounting to little more than a mere ideology of economic development. 2,598 more words


“All that once was directly lived has become mere representation. All real activity has been channeled into the global construction of the spectacle”  – Guy Debord (1967) 16 more words

Trying to write the 'Writing of the Heart - the academic resting on the artful?

I have been working on my spoken word text, integrating a more obvious academic element into it while trying to stay true to the original intent of producing something ‘outside’ the normative, objectifying academic text.   13,694 more words