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Memento Monologue

An absolutely beautiful monologue from Memento, and a stand out scene from the film.

The basic premise of Memento is a man, Leonard Shelby (Guy Pierce), who is unable to create new memories. 275 more words


The Rover - Getting the Past Back

Conquered I was by Animal Kingdom the first feature film of Australian director David Michôd. On the other hand, The Rover appeared to me, as too vague, almost sloppy. 550 more words


No Shave November

It’s already eight days into 2014′s NO SHAVE NOVEMBER. I heard on the radio this morning that 83% of women actually prefer some kind of a beard on a man versus a clean-shaven gentleman. 433 more words


The Rover ve "Çöküş" Üzerine...

Eğer içinde yaşadığımız toplumun kuralları küresel bir çöküş sonucu bir anda işlemez hale gelseydi; bankalar çalışmaz, kanunlar işlemez, su, petrol ve elektrik bulunamaz ve bugünkü hayatımızı kontrol eden belkide en önemli etken, para, bir kağıt parçasından başka bir şey ifade etmez hale gelseydi ne yapardık? 686 more words


Memento (the Movie): Time, Memory, and Survival

So how…how can I heal? How am I supposed to heal if I can’t…feel time? Leonard Shelby from “Memento” (the movie)

Yes, exactly. How do we move on without time on our side?

427 more words

Safety: Temporary Tattoo of Your Medication Info

I came across a blog post about someone who got the idea to use temporary tattoos of a music festival.  Brilliant!

Doing various outdoor activities, I’d been concerned about communicating my medication details in the event of an accident.   253 more words

Tips And Tricks

The Rover - review

Set 10 years after ‘the collapse’ (that’s what is says in the opening credits). A gang of crooks happen to steal Erics (Guy Pierce) car. He really, really likes his car and will stop at nothing to get it back. 349 more words