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Gray Area

I am getting to be a really big flirt again. Again there’s another guy I like. But this one is much closer to home…I work with him. 44 more words

April 2014


*Note: PSY originally started out at different entertainment companies and is now a member of the YG Family.

Korean Releases 
The End
Champion… 34 more words


Thank you

I should’ve recorded everything you’ve said from day one so that I’d be reminded atleast, that even though I have all these major highs and manic lows; even though I have all these issues, issues, and issues; even though I am such a mess; somebody out there is willing to love me and show me that I am worthy of such love. 89 more words

As she walks away , you couldnt do anything but just stare . Do you give up or take the risk? Deep down inside her , she’s broken and at her lowest point .

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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

It’s the battle of wills as Andie (Kate Hudson) needs to prove she can dump a guy in 10 days whereas Ben (Matthew McConaughey) needs to prove he can win a girl in 10 days. 29 more words