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The Single Life

The single life is actually a pretty great thing. I never realized in the past how good it can feel to be single. I finally am at a point in my life where I don’t feel tied down, controlled, or not myself. 1,221 more words



This seems to be something many people (mainly guys) like, support and use called Synthol Injections. Basically to keep this plain and simple Synthol oil is used by some men to bulk up muscle. 10 more words

I made out with Luke Perry

Yup. I did. Every night when I was about 12 years old. He was the man of my dreams from 90210.

Luke was a full sized poster about 7.5’ tall. 22 more words

The Heart of a Monster

I’ve become a monster that I hate. I’ve always known I was pretty, but there are too many guys right now and fact is they don’t truly like me for me. 231 more words


Not Ready

I have been talking a lot about how I have been hurt by my ex’s.. I can’t trust men anymore because of this. I am not saying this to bash men and whatnot.. 138 more words


Step Up

Guys can be so clueless sometimes.  They do weird things and some of them just do not understand how to speak to females.

I personally think that some males need to learn how to approach and speak to females.  100 more words

My Thoughts...

Actions speak louder than words

So the guy detox isn’t quite going to plan! I mean I am still trying to spend less time thinking about people, but it’s hard when they pop back up to complicate things… 1,359 more words