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It's all in the mind

It’s the worst feeling to be thinking about someone who just clearly isn’t thinking about you. To know you’re not even on their radar when they are all that is on yours, is rather depressing. 365 more words

Eww you desperate creep.

First of all, you messaged me 5 times, sent me 2 pics of yourself, and I said NO! Why in the hell would you think I would willingly give you my personal phone number?! 11 more words


Hahaha relax!

It’s just facebook. Chill bro. We’re not actually friends.


Wow, thank you for the novel.

“She accepted my friend request on facebook, so I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious.”


Young Love

What is love?  Is it a social status, or can it be real at such a young age?  Adults try and make it sound black and white,  either it can or it can’t.   424 more words


Boys, Guys, and Men

I felt in the mood to talk about the males, since I haven’t done that in a while.  If you are a boy, guy, or a man and you feel offended by any of this…please move off my blog.  629 more words