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our little path

How do you get to church? We walk. We consider it a privilege to walk to church, especially since we get to walk along a mountain trail. 80 more words


free to be young

We had some great playtime in the park recently. We met with another family, they have four kids; three old enough for Kyz to play with. 102 more words


some more great pictures from mom's visit

Tamara, Mom and Kyz went on some great adventures: Damyang, the Hermitage, riding the KTX, visiting cafes… We got some great pictures along the way; more than I can post. 34 more words

Father And Son

essential gear for fun

We added a pair of walkie talkies to our urban gear packs. Now we can keep in touch when we go on bug hunts and nature walks. 59 more words

Second Year In Korea

filled with friends

Fill your home with books and friends. And coffee. The Facendas came to visit with their four kids. Kaiser had a blast playing with them. All of the kids attend martial arts class, so it was a fun, physical time. 104 more words

Father And Son

if these walls could speak

We got everything packed and moved. It was a lot of work, but the system works: just fill the crates! There really wasn’t enough room to both pack and live there, so we packed nine crates and put the mattress on them. 185 more words