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school festival ilshin ms

Here is the school festival at the middle school I have been teaching at for the past three years. Great kids!


PDG Gallery Show, June 2013

PDG Gallery is in Gwangju South Korea, and is also PDG plastic Surgery Center. The space is great, and the owner and manager have been nice enough to host international art exhibits there for a number of years now.


our neighborhood: bird's-eye view

My friend owns a business on the four corners near where we live. He took me up to the roof to take some pictures of the neighborhood. 90 more words


color tour korea: mother and son afternoon

Tamara and Kaiser spent an afternoon with friends hiking in the mountains. It’s a great time of year to be out; the air is cool and the colors are brilliant!


our little path

How do you get to church? We walk. We consider it a privilege to walk to church, especially since we get to walk along a mountain trail. 80 more words


free to be young

We had some great playtime in the park recently. We met with another family, they have four kids; three old enough for Kyz to play with. 102 more words