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Team Ideas - An Army of Gwen

DP054 Arnim Zola was one of the most interesting pieces to come out in the Deadpool set. He’s got a combo of Running Shot and Pulse Wave that… 780 more words


Fashion Fridays: Gwen Stacy Inspired Look

Earlier this summer I reviewed The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s no secret I love Gwen Stacy as a character and Emma Stone as an actress. 67 more words

Fashion & Design

Keeping Gwen Stacy Alive and Why Life Doesn't Have to Suck

This may be a little late but I guess it’s good that I waited this long that way no one accuses me of spoiling the ending of… 908 more words


Seriously trying to resist the urge to just spew photos of Andrew Garfield in here

Anyone who knows me will know that I love the new Spidey reboot. 1,078 more words


Why "The Amazing Spiderman" is better every time I watch it...



Now, I’m the type of comic book fan that will watch a comic book movie multiple times for no real reason. With DC movies, i like to pick up on the references to other characters or alternate storylines that i recognize. 791 more words

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Hey there, guys! So, as you know from my father’s previous post, I’ll be doing Fandom Fridays from now on! I’ll be making my debut here with a review of the original Spider-Man trilogy. 789 more words

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"Swinging Through Your Town Like Your Neighborhood Spider-Man"

Above Photo: The author’s t-shirt is a depiction of issue #317 of “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Photo Credit-Chris Boline

Inspectah Deck had it right all along. 514 more words

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