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We have had a couple of days of misty sprinkly days. If it rains hard it’s only for a little bit and I’m cozy in my house, usually my bed, when it happens. 681 more words



As we do every year, we decorated pumpkins, Eric started to have panic attacks, because I kept saying, NOT TOO SOON.  So, finally, I relented, the Monday before Halloween, we bought pumpkins, and the next night, we carved pumpkins. 100 more words


October 25, 2014

Soon my other friends joined us, including Gwen and Kelsea.  My long time friend Laura (Snow) came as a puppy and looked very cute.

More found

I found some more pictures, random, pictures of what goes on around here.  I guess it doesn’t matter what age you are, boxes are still fun to be in?  47 more words


Holy Word Count, Batman!

Oh, NaNoWriMo, the things you do to us writers. As though November isn’t challenging enough in this frozen land—shorter sunlight hours, testicular shrinking temperatures, and vag-deep snow—we also have to bleed 50,000 words (if you so choose). 131 more words


Fearing Fear

In the kitchen upstairs, Mom would ask for an item located in the dreaded basement. The lucky child (often me) would then turn from the warm and inviting land of the living. 1,083 more words