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The Voice 2014 Season 7 - Battle Round Complete

Whew!  The “Battle Rounds” are done.  We are exhausted especially from last night where we were on the remote constantly at the beginning of the show because the Giants were playing in the World Series and even thought they were ahead by 7 runs when The Voice started, he had to watch our “beloved” Giants play to the end of the game. 130 more words


In Gwen's Words


This is a thought that often crosses my mind as I jump on the CA-170 in the afternoons, Trinity in the backseat, en route to get Maisy (my perfectly perfect niece and loanerbaby- curbing my need to procreate again at this weird late-twenties junction in life) from daycare.

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"Baby Don't Lie" to me

Gwen Stefani, best known as one of the more perfect humans in existence, has a new song, Baby Don’t Lie. The title is a little lame, but the song itself is catchy and easy to recognize… the truth is, the artwork is phenomenal and Gwen looks ageless as ever (through the magic of photoshop, the help of personal trainers and dietitians, and being tremendously wealthy). 80 more words


Forever Josefina

Josefina is from New Mexico.  New Mexico in 1824, which was still part of Mexico.  I think her clothing is pretty awesome.  I heard a rumor that she’s getting new outfits next spring, along with a Beforever journey book. 79 more words

Mommy (Xavier Dolan, 2014)

- Gwen

D’une profondeur inconsciente, immense vague d’émotions déferlant sur nous, Mommy, Prix du Jury au Festival de Cannes 2014, secoue, ébranle et fait du bien. 1,082 more words

Film Reviews

Could Gwen Be Leaving The Voice??

Christina is coming back to the voice after this season. So the question is what are they going to do with Gwen?

Rating are higher than they have ever been. 13 more words


NaNoWriMo Approaches!

Incoming NaNoWriMo Post!

I always love posting about NaNoWriMo and reading other blog posts about it, as well. But this year, I’m extra excited! Because this year, I know I’m going to rock the casbah. 858 more words

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