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“A writer should get as much education as possible, but just going to school is not enough; if it were, all owners of doctorates would be inspired writers.”

— Gwendolyn Brooks

Poems For The Solitary Hour-The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks

Abortions will not let you forget.

You remember the children you got that you did not get,

The damp small pulps with a little or with no hair,
 236 more words

Benny Thomas

AN EPITAPH by Perry Mann


Gwendolyn Brooks, a black poet with an appropriately poetic name, who died recently at age 83, once observed some black males at the “Golden Shovel,” a pool hall with an ironically poetic name, shooting pool, talking big, drinking much, lurking late. 934 more words

Sadie And Maud By Gwendolyn Brooks

Maud went to college.
Sadie stayed home.
Sadie scraped life
With a fine toothed comb.

She didn’t leave a tangle in
Her comb found every strand. 100 more words


Pygmy in the Alps

Pygmies are pygmies still, though percht on Alps,

But can see better there. And laughing there,

Pity the Giants wallowing on the Plain.

..Pygmies expand in cold impossible air; 62 more words


Join International Day of Peace Repatterning


September 21st is the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Windows to the Heart Repatterning personally invites you to take part in this FREE Resonance Repatterning® session to add your intentions and voice your concerns. 139 more words


Gail Langstroth: Muzungu, Muzungu!

Muzungu, Muzungu!  Children scream as they touch my white skin and run. Muzungu, Muzungu!

 December, 2012, I am in Nakuusi, Uganda, a small African village, population 180. 1,281 more words

Social Justice