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Legs, Glutes, & Calves + Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Day 25

Legs, Glutes, & Calves

- Angled Leg Press

- DB Donkey Kicks

-  SS w/ DB Goblet Squats

- Standing Barbell Calf Raises

- Calf Extensions… 369 more words


Who is this person?!

I found these gems while looking through the photos from my trip to America last year and I got quite a fright. I usually manage to hide behind the camera, choosing to take the photos rather than be in them (ironic that that’s exactly what I was trying to do in these photos) but I was looking through the photos Lisa had taken from the trip and came across these. 516 more words


Gym Diaries: Day 6 - Miracle.

As the sun started to rise, my alarm started buzzing. I bid sweet sleep goodbye and prepared to face the drudgery that awaited me at the gym. 530 more words


Chest, Triceps, Abs (Obliques) + Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Day 23


- DB Chest Flyes

- Cable Chest Flyes

- Decline DB Chest Flyes


- Single Arm Overhead Extensions

- SS w/ Cable Pushdowns… 267 more words


Legs & Glutes, Abs (Rectus Abdominis)+ Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Day 22

Legs & Glutes

- Smith Curtsey Lunges

- SS w/ DB Goblet Squats

- Cable Kickbacks

- SS w/ DB Sumo Squats

- Machine Glute Kickbacks… 484 more words


Rest Day For Everyone!

So it’s a rest day for everyone! Enjoy it :).

Today is day 21 of the LiveFit Trainer. Three weeks in and still feeling good. 272 more words


Plyo Circuit + Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Day 20

Ring in the weekend with my Plyomeric Circuit!

Enjoy :)

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope those of you who are using my workouts enjoy today’s :). 118 more words