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Chest, Triceps, & Obliques

Warm Up: Cable Chest Flyes (light weight)

- Barbell Chest Press AR w/ Lateral Jumps

- Decline DB Flyes SS w/ Wide Stance Push Ups…

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Back, Biceps, & Cardio

Back & Biceps

Warm Up: Hammer Strength Iso Lateral High Row (light weight)

- Alternating Hammer Strength Iso Lateral High Row

- Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs SS w/ Barbell Bicep Curls… 224 more words


Cardio or Rest

This is your choice! What is your body telling you? Take this day to either rest or do 45-60 minutes of low to medium intensity cardio.  337 more words


Summer is coming

And I can hardly wait. I’ve been celebrating early and getting out and about while Canberra is at its best, but sadly not on my bike :-/ everything is running smoothly with those two, just OH and I have been enjoying the AC in the car. 411 more words

Life Etc

Legs & Rectus Abdominis

Legs & Rectus Abdominis

**Note: “2×20″ means “2 sets, 20 reps in each set”

Warm Up 2×20: Smith Machine Wide Stance Squats

- Barbell Bench Glute Bridges A.R. 603 more words


Power couples

This is totally insane! The detective and I are pretty much having the best relationship iv ever been in and were not even dating!

Not only have I seen him almost every night since the lovely drunken mess incident 🙊 but iv never had so much fun! 233 more words