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No Days Off Is Bullshit

Overtraining landed me in the emergency room a few months ago. That’s right. I was happy, healthy and stupid. I was so stoked about the positive results I was seeing due to my daily fitness regimen that I completely ignored the signs that my body was breaking down as the result of: 413 more words


Fitness industry angered by controversial claims

Health and fitness industry figureheads have rebuffed the sensational health claims by 5:2 diet advocate and author Dr Michael Mosley’s appearance on the UK TV show, … 277 more words

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5 Gym Classes No Nos

If you’ve taken enough gym classes like I have you will begin to notice a few things. Annoying qualities or shall I say habits of your fellow classmates. 531 more words


Healthy Is So Damn Sexy

I believe that. Whenever I eat good, I feel good. Whenever I eat like shit, I feel like shit. I’m off today. Can’t wait for the day when I have… 45 more words


RPM NTC and Boba Tea

It’s no secret that I love NTC. Nike Training Club. Nunchucks Training Combined. Okay, that last one is just not true. Wanted to see if I’d catch you napping in between comics. 580 more words


Finding Myself In Social Media

No pics. No phrases. Nothing snappy to say as I wait for yoga to begin. Avoiding the guy who breathes way too frickin’ loud. Like right now. 243 more words