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Friday Five: Favorite Indoor Workouts

With winter in full throttle, although we’ve been lucky so far in NC and it’s not been too cold and no snow yet, the thought of bundling up and heading outside on some days seems like the last thing I want to do.  367 more words


Workout Wednesday: Yoga

I’ve always looked at yoga as a bit of a well … not a workout, a flaky kind of exercise. Since starting last year, however, I’ve become an adherent. 411 more words

Learn how to take indoor cycling classes

Indoor Cycling: Basics & Beyond is a comprehensive guide that will help group exercise instructors establish a strong foundation for teaching indoor cycling.

It covers the science and applied aspects of planning an effective class, including bike setup and positioning, class structure, teaching tips and training protocols. 145 more words

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Workout Wednesday: Zumba

A huge trend workout right now is Zumba, which is a blend of aerobics and traditional Latin American dance, such as salsa, chachacha, and flamenco. What most people are discovering is that zumba is a great cardiovascular workout, which also incorporates elements of strength training, and it’s a lot of fun! 543 more words

Ohhhh Did That Burn?

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By Beau:

Have you ever been doing something that has made you break out in to a sweat and though “Ohhhhh, I wonder how many calories I just burnt then?” For instance I’ve had to help Rachel carry shopping bags down escalators, through the car park, out of the car, up the stairs and in to the kitchen and have needed to lay down and have a nap I was that exhausted. 209 more words