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4 Exercises For Sexy and Shapely Shoulders

The thighs, glutes, & abs get so much attention in our workouts, but the shoulders are just as important to a shapely physique.  Strong shoulders  improve your posture, prevent injury and increase confidence. 188 more words


Leaps of Faith: There are no "wrong" decisions

Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.  Kobi Yamada

Indecision is an enemy to dreams.  While you are second guessing yourself & waiting around on all the answers, opportunities are being stolen right out from under you. 

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S2 - good steady session.

If you just keep training through the shit-fest, sooner or later a decent steady session comes along :)

Mobility and Stability Work

3 circuits

Walking Lunges 20m… 276 more words


Motivation: Are You Failing?

No Limits - The human body can do amazing things …with practice. This video proves that. It’s easy to look at a lot of these guys and girls and think they just have great genetics or they are just plain crazy (which, I admit they are!), but they all started out in diapers just like you and me. 893 more words


Simple Answer For Your Weight Loss & Fitness Breakthrough

Many of you have a real desire to lose weight, get more fit and healthy and it gnaws at you because attaining it seems to escape your grasp.  626 more words