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Am I talking to me?

Yellowcard’s been my favourite band for quite some time because their songs evoke so many memories. Ryan Key’s lyrics somehow kindle a feeling of nostalgia for something that I didn’t even remember I had. 273 more words

Is DNA a Fitness Blueprint?

Everyone knows that DNA is the genetic code for life and how people think, act, and look different than the billions of other humans who walk this earth. 285 more words


ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons Over Roger Goodell Comments

The NFL has been having a rough month after being rocked first by the Ray Rice domestic assault case (and it’s embarrassingly awful punishment that literally only changed when their back was against a wall) and then by a string a subsequent abuse cases that have finally shown a light on the underside of the NFL, it’s protecting of players from actual justice all in the name of profit and status quo. 274 more words


Fitness Tracker Helps Measure Cali Earthquake Strength.

Most people wear fitness trackers to do just that, track their fitness. However people also wear them to track other things, such as their sleep patterns, and it was these people who were of great interest to scientists monitoring earthquake activity in California. 220 more words


Sports Have a Different Importance in China.

Sports in the United State of America (and probably most of the west) are seen as a way for individuals to show their athletic prowess while simultaneously showing their value in a team setting. 228 more words