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The Toughest Job in Sports? Professional Gambler

It is pretty safe to say that when people think of the most difficult job in sports gambling rarely, if ever, comes up. While many think that gambling is an easy career, here are some numbers to put the difficulty of being a professional sports better into perspective: a gambler must win 52.4% of all even-money bets to avoid losing money and must win 55% to make a decent living. 206 more words


How Fitness Can Help You Find A Job

When people are thinking about how to improve their chances of finding work, one of the things they rarely think about is fitness and exercise. While it may never be on the front of peoples minds, fitness can actually improve your chances of finding work in ways beyond simply creating a healthier and more confident you. 195 more words


Heat Say Goodbye to Lebron

When people think of the most dominant and successful NBA teams in recent years there is one team that always comes to mind, the Miami Heat. 223 more words


The Dangers of Celebrity Endorsements

There is denying the fact that this country of ours treats its celebrities with an unhealthy degree of respect and adoration. While this usually isn’t an issue when it comes to things such as fashion and lifestyle, it takes a significantly darker turn when celebrities are trusted for their health advice. 268 more words


Growing Up

Dear Readers and Visitors: You may find the  Comments in the right panel (“What people are saying”) and I absolutely welcome your input! Joshua shares about his own Vision Quest which led him to discover his purpose as a Teacher. 667 more words