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Progress Progress Progress!! Firstly, measurements as well as photo’s can be a great way of documenting your own progress, or regress if the case may be! 118 more words


Long runs and shoes

All I wanted to do today was have a nice long, easy-ish run where I could put my brain in neutral for a bit. 45 minutes and somewhere between 3.65 and 3.85 miles later, mission accomplished. 268 more words

Writer from The New Yorker decides to try the 'trendy' paleo diet for a week... via /r/Paleo


Did you guys have a chance to read this? (if not, I must tell you, it’s quite long)

Am I the only one who found the whole thing quite offensive? 58 more words


Light Pressure - a Cut-Out Poem

Or a ‘Work-Out Poem’, perhaps. At our little local gym this week I started taking notice of all the many notices around the place. You know those set-ups where everyone involved in the running thereof at some point has produced and printed and put-up instructions, directions, and tellings-off and woe-betides: a litany resulting, in different styles and voices and fonts… 181 more words

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