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Gymming and Hiking

I gymmed on Tuesday. I remember nothing about it. Let’s go to the chart: 476 more words


Should I switch to low bar squats? via /r/Fitness

Ive been struggling with leaning over during high bar squats and as a result Ive tweaked my back. I plan on taking a break from squatting and deadlifting until next semester to be safe. 35 more words


a week in review

Counting macros, as I’ve learned, is hard. It’s tiring and unfamiliar and strange. I’ve had to plan meals out more than I’ve ever had to before; I’m logging dinner into my MacroCounter right after I finish eating breakfast. 518 more words


A Rose in Bloom--Part 28 (Winning the Race)

“Yes, Aunt Lorena, I’m going back over there this morning, but I’m telling you it’s a waste of time. I won’t be able to impress Jaxon today even if he’s back in town. 1,888 more words

Serial Story