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The Hundred Variation

3 sets of 15 reps

Anna… http://ift.tt/1hmpSj4


My demise-a yoga pant story

Since when did buying workout pants become more difficult than finding a flattering bathing suite?

I blame this on the yoga pant fad. I was perfectly happy wearing my comfortable, swooshy, baggy, sweat pants back when I was 15. 620 more words

Stone Cold Stunner!

I did my walk on Monday and I continued to read “Wild” a bit in the evenings and I won’t say anything about it other than that woman was a real mess and I feel way better about how I’m approaching my hike and my life and how I’ve been living even though I was living it sad on my couch. 797 more words


Intensity training

Many rumors circle around if women should be lifting weights and many are afraid that if they do intensity training they will end up looking masculine and too manly but this just isn’t the case. 151 more words


The gym vs Zumba

The gym is so great and horrible all at the same time! Zumba is fun exciting but cost money

Good part of the gym:

When I get there I feel like a gym person! 779 more words