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5 LB WHEY Protein for $35?!?! via /r/Fitness


Is this too good to be true or what, I’ve read another review where the person stated that it looked like a two pound tub, and he had it pictured next to a shaker cup – it barely stood taller than his shaker cup. 56 more words


Heavy Weights and Haute Couture

The more I workout, the more I realize what I’m comfortable in and what makes me feel good. Because let’s be real, there’s something about looking good then feeling good and therefore, performing better and with more confidence. 523 more words


So this week I joined the gym with my colleagues and friends. I think this was the best decision for me so far since I have not been sticking to my fitness regimen. 223 more words


Paleo surprise! via /r/Paleo

My scalp is has become so much healthier. I always had an itchy scalp and break outs on my scalp. Since eating paleo 90/10 I haven’t noticed any issues. 14 more words


Eating healthy in a household that doesn't eat healthy via /r/Fitness

I’m currently going to college, but living at home, and I’m trying to make a change in my diet, and lose weight. However, my family is very unhealthy, and isn’t very willing to make much change to accommodate me. 91 more words


Comfort and Control

It starts as soon as I slip back into my routine. Seemless, ceaseless, sneaking up on me and surprising me in a way that is sadly familiar and exhilarating. 162 more words

Eating Disorders