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I am actually obsessed with these bowls! I keep a couple… http://ift.tt/1rU8hC3


Functional Strength/Core

I have a little more time before I have to meet up with Kelly and the kid so I’m also slipping in this bonus functional strength and core quickie after my weights session.  268 more words



I finally have an evening to myself what with the kid gone to her father’s and Kelly at work, so I’m resurrecting the ‘He-Man’ sessions at the gym this evening…well, for tonight anyway.  418 more words


Exercise and the brainless grunting bodybuilders

A couple of days ago, I was in the gym to keep up with the endless training I have to do for my first ever soccer preseason.   419 more words

When Someone Asks What Crossfit Is http://ift.tt/1tEE6Tf


Hi-tech selfie

I have been exercising a lot lately. But at the same time, I still eat a lot. Feeling so bad for cheating. My whole body is still fit and firm except for my flabby jelly belly. 41 more words

Just what is yoga? Arguments in D.C. tax case may inform us

We’ve covered the proposed expanded sales tax in Washington, D.C., which would broaden things to include health clubs and, by initial extension, yoga studios already… 530 more words