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Good morning <3

Good Morning.

 I Was chocked to find out I lost 7 Kg in 5 weeks!

I’m not even on a mega diet, I just don’t eat gluten & diary. 123 more words


Post workout advice: water, gatorade/powerade or protein shake? via /r/Fitness

Sometimes when i have finished a good workout at the gym I feel very perched. I am aware that you are suppose to have some sort of protein/carbs within 30min after your workout, to assist with muscle recovery. 45 more words


Signs That You Should Look For a New Trainer/Coach

We have all seen it, a man dressed in way too much spandex standing over an unsuspecting but eager client. The client is attempting to jump from atop a medicine ball and land with one foot on the handle of a kettlebell. 836 more words

Buy a barbell and bench or get into bodyweight training? via /r/Fitness

I started doing some starting strength variation for six months about half a year ago at my university’s gym and sustained some pretty solid results. I really want to get back into the fitness game, and since I’m about to graduate, I am pretty close to losing the access to the weight room. 207 more words


3 Year Transformation 15-17 via /r/Fitness

My Story Between the ages of 10-15, I was a huge gamer who was addicted. I played World of Warcraft from the time I got home from school, to the time I went to bed each and every day. 768 more words


Need help with candy molds - Paleo style via /r/Paleo

Bring out your creativity! I have some Christmas candy molds that I used to use with melted chocolate. But now my family is eating paleo so I wanted something healthier. 34 more words


Happy Happenings

     It is with a very jovial mood that I decide to write again, and why should it not be! The last few days have been quite pleasantly surprising, in more ways than one, and after today’s result, it seemed impossible to further keep it all locked inside, so here I am, back again! 445 more words