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Plan for today

Dance in the evening,
I have tried to plan some sort of activity to do in the evening. There should be something beside, work, studies and some work out in the gym. 81 more words


God morgon!!

Hemma hos mig lyser solen upp hela himlen! :) Det känns som att det kommer bli varmare idag men det kanske bara är jag som inbillar mig hahha… 151 more words

Juice Plus+

Gym Day Part Un

Decided to head to the gym today. It felt amazing, after a long break.

Here is my workout summary:

Deadlifts – Progressive overload of sets of 5. 155 more words


08.28.14 - Thursday - Thinking About Nutrition

At our nutrition seminar a few months ago, we drew a framework for thinking about nutrition on the board. It looked something like this:

The basic idea here is that you can break down how we think about and react to food into two components: An emotional component, which relates to your own personal memories, your favorite foods from childhood, and your mental state before, during, and after eating; and a fuel component, which relates to the chemical processes that take place in your body when you consume food. 458 more words


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Boink! Boink! Boink!

Hello there,

I woke up in major pain this morning. It wasn’t as early as I would’ve liked though so I went into a bit of panic mode, thinking “I have to move NOW!” … 670 more words

Accountability by Gerri Brousseau

Have you ever joined a health club, gym, or work out facility? You begin with great intensions. You plan to go every day. You plan to go right after work. 531 more words


Stop Counting and Start Making Progress!

When you enter the gym, leave your counting at the door. Tracking reps just leads to confusion. ‘Should I do 12 reps for size?’ ‘Will my strength increase if I do low rep sets?’ Questions I commonly hear by new gym goers wanting to add mass to their frame and bench every kilogram of weight in the gym. 275 more words