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Gym Bag Essentials (Gym Series Part III)

Welcome back to my gym series! Today I will be talking about on of the most important aspects of your gym routine, the gym bag! It can make or break your routine to be honest. 277 more words


The Cats

What a limited life we lead at times or at least it appears so.

Today started early at the gym but it’s this afternoon that adds stress. 60 more words

My Complaint letter to Pure Gym....

Dear Mr (or Mrs or Ms) Pure Gym

I am writing to complain about your current flyer campaign in Leeds. It’s not the flyers as such that upset me, it’s the fact that I feel I am being unfairly targeted by your young, fresh faced,  athletic ‘PR’ people. 304 more words


Hot Gates MMA Looking For MMA Fighters For Upcoming Card

Hot Gates MMA is looking to put together their first fight card to be held right at Hot Gates MMA. They are currently looking for all amateur weight classes as well as amateurs that are just starting out. 19 more words


Gym Woes

Everyone writes posts about the types of people you see at the gym and they are overall pretty accurate and hysterical. This isn’t one of those posts though, instead these are my observations in my new gym environment that I can’t help but share. 522 more words


Finding a Swimming Pool

Over the last week or so I have been trying to find a swimming pool to train in. 30 odd years ago I used to do a fair bit of swimming and as a result developed an aversion to it. 1,338 more words


Use Your School's Gym to Start a Program

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Michigan winters are cold… like really cold.

And not every community has access to indoor tennis courts.  But, almost every community has a school or community center, and at that school or community center there is almost always a gym or activity space (I have seen many a cafeterium or gafeteria).   64 more words