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So You're Afraid To Go To The Gym

When you walk into the gym, what do you expect to see? Huge, muscular dudes grunting as they lift weights? Tiny girls in Lycra shorts and tank tops bopping away on the Stairmaster? 721 more words


Joining Equinox and Taking Barre

About a month ago I decided to bite the bullet and join Equinox. I had been a member of New York Sports Club for years and hated every minute of it. 355 more words


Jay Russell BJJ And Hot Gates MMA Home At Last

While attending the Hot Gates MMA fundraiser today we learned that long time friends as well as teacher and student, Jay Russell and Dave Woodby have announced that Jay Russell will be heading up BrazilianJiu-Jitsuat Hot Gates MMA new facility as well as heading up BJJ for Team Hoodlum.
Now as…


How disconnected are you?

Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced.

– Marquis de Sade

Artificial light humming above me, simulating the freedom of sunlight, the stale air from captured nature, recycled in lungs. 490 more words


Planet Fitness Thoughts

So like I just noted: I got a Black Card Planet Fitness membership tonight!  That means I can use any of their franchises throughout the country.   396 more words


Forever Growing (Location 12)

Growth = Happiness

Each week, we are adding more gyms and studios to our ever expanding Fitted network! That means our members get access to even more locations in Orange County, plus they get to add variety and selection to their workouts. 229 more words


Bootcamp Workout: Bringing the War Home

When you’ve worked in gyms as long as I have, you become numb to the fitness-as-military-worship motif. For example: Bootcamps, civilian-military combines, Navy Seals this or that, and the ever-ubiquitous “Train Like a Soldier!” 81 more words