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nishiki, auckland, new zealand

nishiki is a cheap and cheerful byo japanese restaurant in auckland. perfect for groups. the menu is super fresh and is served platter style so its easy to share amongst your group. 40 more words

Gyoza from scratch - the wrappers, too!

Hitoshi’s last gyoza attempt was from almost scratch. Everything was done by hand except for growing the vegetables and pig and making the dough wrappers. 435 more words


Osaka Ohsho

Rarely do I hear the Japanese brag. Therefore, Osaka Ohsho, a Japanese chain that claims they’re the King of Gyoza and that they serve the… 507 more words

Food Places

Pumpkin Potstickers

We received a beautiful blue-gray pumpkin from our CSA a couple of weeks ago. It was lovely – short and squatty with a lovely hue. I was told it would be a “dry” squash which made me think it might be a good squash for using in some recipes where extra moisture is not helpful. 615 more words

Time to head north: Tochigi Prefecture’s gyoza-flavored rice topping is nothing short of divine

Tochigi Prefecture doesn’t pop-up in the news often, but when it does it usually involves food. You might remember the “First Love” flavored gyoza or the… 808 more words


My review of Gyoza Bar + Ramen

When the operator of two of the finer Japanese restaurants in the city go off-road to open a casual restaurant, we take note. Aburi Restaurants, which operates Miku and Minami restaurants, decided to go casual and that took them straight down the gyoza and ramen road. 856 more words

Word Of Mouth

Dinner at Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen

J and I had our once-in-a-blue-moon shopping dates.  Well, we were shopping at Chinook of course, and I wanted sushi.  Doesn’t this sound familiar? Almost a routine! 519 more words