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Weekly Update: October 19, 2014

The gif should explain our relative levels of excitement.


We should probably explain our excitement.  A few things have caused us to just be really excited about what’s going on.   607 more words


H.264 support arrives in Firefox, thanks to Cisco -- but H.264 web videos still won’t play

Hell has frozen over, as Mozilla officially added support for the proriertary H.264 video codec to its open source Firefox browser Tuesday. The implementation of H.264 is done with help from Cisco, which is providing Firefox users with a binary component that can be downloaded once the newest version, 33, of Firefox is installed on a user’s system. 405 more words

Chromium Youtube issues

Youtube not loading, no audio/video?

install chromium-ffmpegsumo
(and let it uninstall any other pack if conflict resolution)


Surveillance Updates: 4K trend pushing the launch of H.265

H.265, which produces videos of the same quality as H.264 yet taking up only half the bandwidth, is poised to replace its predecessor as the mainstream video coding standard.It that delivers crisper network video contents and requires 50% less bandwidth for the same image quality as H.264, making it easier to download or stream HD video. 291 more words


What's a WebRTC app, exactly?

Dave Michels (Journalist: Nojitter, Talkingpointz) recently posted this article pondering what makes a WebRTC app, a WebRTC app.

It touches on some interesting points, namely “a WebRTC app is not defined by its wrapper.” Here is an excerpt from the post.. 64 more words


merge audio and video from youtube.

Recently youtube has separated the video and audio file while you download stuff from it.

You might end up with 2 mp4 files: one for video and other for audio. 2,126 more words