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Register Now for "When the Lamps When Out: H.G. Wells and His World on the Eve of the War"

Registration is now open for the annual H. G. Wells Society Conference, which will take place at Palace Green Library, Durham University on 27th September 2014. 486 more words


Audrey Niffenegger, H.G. Wells' Giant Brain and Speculative Fiction

Audrey Niffenegger was among the many great women authors and artists attending this year’s Loncon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention. On 15 August 2014, the author, teacher, visual and graphic novelist and artist gave the inaugural speech for the… 740 more words


Defining Science Fiction: A Writing Assignment

For the first paper of my summer SF class, I had them think about what we mean when we say “science fiction.”  Here’s the paper assignment (for anyone playing along at home): 250 more words

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Scaredy Cats & other animals..

At a Facets of Fiction session recently we got onto the subject of writing fear. Not the schlock-horror slasher chain-store massacre stuff, but that subtler, and not in the least comic slow-burn tension that you get in movies when the camera point of view tells you you’re watching through the eyes of some hidden predator. 531 more words

H.G.Wells The Time machine

I have watched both the 1960 film with Rod Taylor and the later film in 2002 with Guy Pearce.  Neither film is based in London as per the original book by H.G.Wells that he wrote back in 1895.   184 more words


Orwell contra Bradbury ...

Several years after hearing of its existence, I have at last got my hands on a copy of Zamyatin’s We, which is one of the literary curiosities of this book-burning age.

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