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Prose and Poetry

Just submitted a short story for an anthology loosely based on the Cthulu Mythos. The story is called The Gateway and it’s about worlds bleeding into one and the weird happenings that occur to two guys one night in a strange little inn. 205 more words

Narragansett Lovecraft Honey Ale Review

I am writing this under an appreciable mental strain for Friday evening has arrived and the pressures of dark forces have accrued, but by the time I set down my pen, I shall be buzzed, for I have obtained the amber elixir. 438 more words


The Chemistry of the Colour Out of Space, Part 1

Illustration by Shane Gallagher (www.deviantart.com)

Relative to the various disciplines of science, HPL is most known for his knowledge and expertise in astronomy, reflected in the large number of articles he wrote on the subject ( 1,227 more words

H.P. Lovecraft

The Bierce Pivot

After polishing off the remaining stories and bits of memoirs in the S. T. edited volume Ambrose Bierce: The Devil’s Dictionary, Tales, & Memoirs, … 1,145 more words

Ambrose Bierce

The Ancient Ones of the Lovecraft Mythos Pt. 2

Alright now that those guys are outta the way here are my favorite less commonly referenced Ancient Ones and a brief introduction to them. Since these ones are rarely represented in common media and have a slight handful of appearances in the stories I won’t bother giving the sectioned breakdown like I did last time. 905 more words

Portrait of the Artist: Channeling Lovecraft

My images today are of my friend Leeman Kessler, actor and creator of the Ask Lovecraft video podcast. In this podcast, he portrays author H.P. 63 more words

Black & White

A Few Final Thoughts on "The Rats in the Walls"

In completing the analysis of “The Rats in the Walls” there are a few more points I want to discuss. First, even prior to his knowledge of ancestral cannibalism de la Poer was having strange dreams of a “white-bearded daemon swineherd drove about with his staff a flock of fungous, flabby beasts.” In another dream he mentions “a Roman feast like that of Trimalchio, with a horror in a covered platter. 809 more words

H.P. Lovecraft