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The effective teacher that knows their students.

Reading Reflection #1, EDU 6150.

Contrary to what most people of our society think, being a teacher is something that is measurable and can be viewed on any given day in any classroom. 271 more words


Vanity, Vanity, all is vanity

“Pre-service education students entering university can be categorized broadly into two distinct groups, those who are coming directly from secondary school and those who are not.“ (Duncan-Howell, 2012).   508 more words


EDU 6150: Effective Teaching

This week Dr. Scheuerman discussed five key behaviors and five helping behaviors that contribute toward becoming and effective teacher. These ten behaviors are evidence based and supported by research studies over the past 30 years (Borich, 2014, p. 276 more words


Special Education and Exceptionalities - EDU 6989

EDU 6989: Field Experience and Professional Issues

Is full inclusion the best option for students with disabilities? 

Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (1974), PL 94-192 (IDEA) is a public law that was passed in order to accommodate students with special needs in American public schooling. 295 more words

EDTC 6432 Module 1 Digital Natives & Digital Immigrants

The articles authored by Marc Prensky are focused on the state of our current education system more specifically, the contrast in which the new technological generation of children learn to how their educators are expecting them to learn.  583 more words

Brave New World: Code Switching in the Digital Age

Module I, EDU 6432; Principles of Hope H1:  Honor Student Diversity and Development

I have been teaching full-time in private schools since for just a bit more than twelve years; my start date nearly perfectly coincides with the publication of Marc Prensky’s “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” (2001).   667 more words