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Reflection M4 "Cognitive Development"

From my perspective we have learned four big ideas in class. These four ideas are: nature vs nurture, development in terms of stages vs individual wiring, moral reasoning and the joy of learning, and memory. 674 more words


A Learning Crisis: An in Depth Look at the Real Writing Crisis

Reading and Writing in the Content Areas: Bloggery Prompt #3

According to Daniels, Zemelman, and Steineke (2007), there is a writing crisis based on bias tests that don’t truly show the capacity of our students. 963 more words


The Nature of Nurturing

Every child is created with a certain biological blueprint that provides a skeleton of the man/woman he/she is to become. This skeleton is then filled in with the sociocultural elements that provide the flesh and blood. 241 more words


EDU-6132 Module 4 Reflection M4

Nature vs. nurture is a debate that seems to wage on, however, there seems to be more clarity as we learn more about individuals and their growth and development. 304 more words


Nature vs. Nurture: An Overview

The thing that makes human development so profoundly “by the book” is it’s been happening for hundreds of thousands of years—or so I suspect. Both Medin and Pressley & McCormick go into the finest details, leaving nothing to chance and supporting claims with a tidal-wave of case studies and scientific data. 242 more words


EDU 6120 "Clear and Unclear Windows"

“Clear and Unclear Windows”

This week in EDU 6120, was titled Judeo-Christian Knowledge and Teaching and Learning in the East.  After listening to the podcast and doing the readings including one involving a tribute to a truly amazing teacher, I am left with a very… 585 more words


Raz-Kids: Learning Tool Exploration

The tool that I decided to investigate was Raz-Kids. I worked in a kindergarten classroom this year and Raz-Kids was one of the main uses of technology present in the classroom. 600 more words