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December 14: Dyslexia in the Classroom

Knowledge of dyslexia will make me a better teacher. As a teacher candidate pursuing history and English language arts endorsements, reading comprehension and writing will be very central to my subjects. 1,718 more words


EDSP 6644 Special Education Reflection

This quarter’s Special Education EDSP 6644 class has been very thought provoking. I have learned a lot about what comprises special education, its legal foundations, and how to address these special populations in the classroom. 300 more words


It takes a village...

H4 – Honor family/community involvement in the learning process. One of the ways that this program standard plays out is in the partnerships established between school, families and communities. 460 more words


EDU 6120 Final Paper: Shaping Students into Active Leaders

The influence we have over our students is significant; whether it’s good or bad, it’s up to us. Why not take control and be an exceptional leader for our students? 1,588 more words


EDU 6120 Final Paper

Achieving Balanced Instruction: How to Change our Instinctive Reliance on Received Knowledge

Question 2) Taking into consideration the three best ways by which we obtain knowledge (received, discovered, constructed), what are the implications for achieving proper balance in teaching and learning? 2,606 more words

MAT EDU 6120

EDU 6120 Final Paper

Of all the individual and philosophies we have discussed during this course, select one or two whose idea have influenced you  most. What are those ideas, and what relevance do they have to your own philosophy? 1,974 more words

EDU 6120: Foundations