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Clear and Unclear Windows: Educational Means

While listening to the “Educational Means” podcast and thinking about the previous discussions from earlier this week, I thought about the schools I observed and the type of atmosphere that surrounded me.  416 more words

Effective Teacher

EDU 6120 Session 3: Six Cardinal Values

Methods of Socratic method utilized by the ancient Greeks can be displayed by a triangular model including courage, wisdom, and moderation at the three outer points of the diagram, highlighting justice at the center of this model, justice connecting the other values together. 543 more words


EDU 6120 Journal: The Architecture of Moral Education

As a future social studies teacher, I can think of several ways in which to incorporate the core moral values/responsibilities into my classes. For a semester-long project, I would randomly assign groups of students who would then be required to complete a certain number of hours working together on a service project of their own choosing (approved by me at the beginning of the semester), following a lesson on the culture of volunteerism in America. 387 more words

EDU 6120 Journal

Cultural Dimensions and America

Culture is interpreted in many ways and it was refreshing to learn about culture from a different perspective from world renown expert, Geert Hofstede. He shed a new light that I’ve never seen before and it was very interesting to learn about cultural dimensions and how they are defined. 670 more words

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Community: No One Left Behind!

Module 3 Reflection EDU 6132           

There are several factors that have either an indirect or direct impact on a child’s development and learning. Usually there are more than one at any given time resulting in variations of positive and negative effects. 704 more words


Formal Observation -Occupational Therapist


SPU Principle of Hope Standard H3: Honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning,  H4: Honor family/community involvement in the learning process.

It’s Occupational Therapy day in our middle school special education class. 727 more words


Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back to School:  Preparing to Fly!

My school welcomes students back to school each year with an event called “Fly In” at the end of August. 493 more words

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