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Meta-Reflection: Curriculum Design

Upon registering for classes for my first quarter in the ARC program, I was definitely intrigued by even the title of “Curriculum Design.” I had basic knowledge for what school curriculum was and how it looks, but I never thought of  381 more words

Curriculum Design

Learners in Context Meta-Reflection: Big Ideas and Implications for Teaching Practice

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice. Teacher candidates develop reflective, collaborative, professional growth-centered practices through regularly evaluating the effects of his/her teaching through feedback and reflection. 855 more words


Why School - Reflection 3

This week I completed Will Richardson’s Why school? How education must change when learning and information are everywhere. I enjoyed this book immensely and found Richardson’s message very motivational both as a future educator and as a parent.  316 more words


ClassDojo: Learning Tool Exploration

   I chose to look further into the resource I found for this week. ClassDojo seems like a tool that I could greatly benefit from. What I love about ClassDojo is how much it allows you and your students to personalize the system. 369 more words

EDTC 6431

It takes a village...

Kids enter school with a wide range of experiences, some good, some bad. For students who are living in high stress situations, learning may not be high on their list of priorities. 360 more words

EDU 6132

'Blacklist' Actor Harry Lennix Launches Movie Production Company (EXCLUSIVE)

Harry Lennix, who played a general in “Man of Steel” and the assistant director of the FBI Counterterrorism Division on NBC’s “The Blacklist,” has quietly become a prolific producer with three movie projects already completed. 305 more words


M6 Reflection for EDU 6132

As teachers, we do not get to pick the students that walk through our doors; we take what they are and work with what they bring to the table. 444 more words