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What is Cultural Competence?

“A culturally competent professional is one who is actively in the process of becoming aware of own assumptions about human behavior, values, biases, preconceived notions, personal limitations, and so forth.” (“What is cultural,” 2009) 521 more words


Attention please, non-native cocaine-users in Amsterdam. Read this #nonjudgemental #dope-alert

If you think about buying coke in Amsterdam and you do not really understand the dealer you are buying from, please beware that it realy is coke you’re buying! 167 more words


Reflective Self-Assessment: I Can Teach Morals

One component of John Dewey’s Pedagogic Creed that I would like to incorporate into my personal teaching philosophy is his belief that moral training is accomplished through teaching children to work in community. 470 more words

MAT EDU 6120

Enforcing Classroom Rules and Procedures with Technology

To maintain an orderly classroom, decided upon rules and procedures need to be upheld. It does no good to come up with a classroom constitution, or list of class values to live by, if they are not enforced. 508 more words

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H4: Honoring family and community involvement in the learning process

H4 – Honor family/community involvement in the learning process. Honoring family and community involvement in the learning of every child means valuing the community’s efforts to give their child their proper education. 729 more words


Bloggary # 5

I am going to teach English Language Arts and Social Studies. I think writing workshops are an excellent approach to aiding students as they learn to write more effectively while ensuring they get writing homework done or at least started in class. 424 more words


H4- Honor family/community involvement in the learning process. To me H4 can mean a variety of things. As a teacher, it is important to take into account honoring the integration of family and community involvement within a students’ learning. 384 more words