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Millionaire Bootcamp: An Interview with Dani Johnson

Check out the post I wrote when I interviewed Dani Johnson, inspirational speaker and multi millionaire philanthropist on behalf of HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences… 6 more words

Dani Johnson

Estonia And The Ridiculously Photogenic Seagull

About a year ago, me and my fellow class mates made a study trip to Tallinn, Estonia. Just like all the POMO students, we planned and organized the whole trip ourselves; how are we going to get there, where are going to stay? 377 more words

Teaching Observation Notes

Teaching Practice is one of the key modules on my studies at the School of Vocational Teacher Education studies at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences in Finland. 883 more words

Chryssa Skodra

See you next year

Like I wrote earlier, my first year in HAAGA-HELIA is now over. One behind, two and a half left! This year has gone by sooo quickly! 604 more words


Fish in the sea, you know how I feel

Huh, done and done! I finally finished my part of one big assignment for our E-commerce course. We had to plan a trip to Estonia for Viking Line and then do a marketing plan for it. 345 more words


Off the topic


This is a bit off the topic, but I want to introduce our schools amazing blog. It is written by the students of… 36 more words


From planning teaching to planning learning

1       Guidance and counselling and teaching block

This plan is drawn for the courses Blogging and Social Media Marketing 1 & 2. These two 3-credit courses are mainly virtual courses in blogging and social media marketing. 2,134 more words

Chryssa Skodra