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German Of The Day: Hauptverkehrszeit

You know, the peak hour? The highpoint? Not to be confused with other kinds of public Verkehr (traffic) out there, however.

It usually takes place in the Berlin subway around… 59 more words


Prisoner of Fort McHenry

Forty-seven years after he penned the Star-Spangled Banner, and eighteen years after his death, a grandson of Francis Scott Key, Francis Key Howard, found himself a prisoner in Fort McHenry.  443 more words

Habeas Relief Denied - Trial Judge Given Authority To Limit Questioning of Rape Victims

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a habeas petition for a man who is now on parole after being convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.   441 more words

Lansing Criminal Defense

Governor Perry’s Legal Team File Motion to Dismiss

The two-count indictment against Gov. Rick Perry defies common sense and should be dismissed “immediately if not sooner” as a violation of the U.S. and Texas constitutions, Perry’s legal team told the trial judge. 435 more words

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Monday's Quick Clicks...

  • Exoneree Clarence Harrison makes music with his new album “Life Sentence.”
  • Pennsylvania Innocence Project client Han Tak Lee walks free in Pennsylvania on Friday after his arson conviction is thrown out by a federal judge…
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History of established Gun Control

(NDAA) National Defense Authorization Act. What does this mean? It means, It gives the government absolute power to indefinitely detain anyone or any Americans suspected of terrorism. 477 more words

98-year-old woman seeks to overturn 1950 spying conviction

Hysteria often breeds wrongful convictions. The anti-communist hysteria of the 1950s McCarthy era undoubtedly led to some miscarriages of justice, and Miriam Moskowitz says her espionage conviction was one of them. 32 more words

Prosecutorial Conduct (good And Bad)