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Pelletier Family Filing Habeas Corpus Lawsuit


The DCF and Boston Children’s officials should also be facing prison time, instead of having the state protecting them.


Yes America Did Build That

I have often been tempted to believe that the greatest contribution of the British people to the world has been the concept of a private limited liability company.  1,681 more words

Dr. Robert Owens

April 8, 2014 4th Circuit published opinion

Whiteside v United States

Whiteside filed a habeas petition seeking resentencing as he was improperly characterization as a career criminal. The district court denied his petition. 366 more words

Arizona No-Bail Law Discriminates?

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting en banc, last week held a  re-hearing of an argument challenging a section to Arizona’s Constitution that denies bail to undocumented immigrants.  1,241 more words

Arizona Law

Cases of Slavery in the U.S. in the 1910s-1930s

For more than 20 years, some of Baltimore’s wealthiest and most established families had been helping themselves to the institutionalized patients at Rosewood. They’d been “adopting” these mentally challenged girls and women only to turn them into their own private slaves. 636 more words

White Slavery

Habeas Corpus Barack Obama Pardon Mumia Abu-Jamal ; To Be Released From Prison Now

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals was correct when, on April 26th, it ruled that Mumia Abu-Jamal should not be executed as a result of being found guilty of the 1981 shooting death of police officer Daniel Faulkner. 894 more words

New Charges For Crimes Committed On Parole Must Be Served After Parole Sentence

Multiple Charges Can Often Be Served Together

People charged with more than one crime can often be sentenced to “concurrent sentences,” meaning that you serve the time in jail or prison for each of the offenses at the same time.   348 more words

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