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Hello, September

Hey there lovely readers,

I know. I know. Shame on me . . .

I’ve been away for some time, so let me explain. My last year of graduate school is here, I have a demanding internship during the week, I work weekends, and I am the Vice President of my Graduate Association – cut me some slack :). 159 more words


The Eritrean Identity Thief (YouTube)

The term #Habesha is a preferred word for those who do not want to acknowledge the #Independent #EritreanIdentity 316 more words


Ode to a sister

After reading this blog for the first time today, my sister calls to tell me what she thinks: “You are a decent writer”. Not you will rot in hell, not you are sick and perverted and definitely not that she will disown me as her sister. 45 more words

African Night 2012

At first my sister and I had a difficult time coming up with the idea behind the annual African Night hosted by The African Friendship Association at Washington State University. 106 more words