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I was working in a library, shelving books when in a moment of utter boredom I started browsing through some of the books Iwas supposed to shelf. 1,183 more words

Habesha Restaurent: Best Ethiopian Cuisine

so i have some exciting news! i am going to Southeast Asia in January! so pumped.

i’m going with a new friend that i met through work. 393 more words



My favourite Ethiopian Cuisine restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya! ABYSSINIA!

In the heart of the Kilimani area, my favourite restaurant has opened a new branch! I love it! 232 more words

Ethiopian (homo) Dating 101

The first time I was introduced as a cousin, confusion was the only thing that kept me from laughing. I was anxious for the person I was being introduced to leave so I could inquire about the whys. 211 more words


Initially, the news that Ethiopia voted against the United Nations’ resolution to end anti-gay violence and discrimination did not have much of an effect.

Despite the fact that the idea of ending violence and discrimination is a universal value that is hard to disagree with, Ethiopia’s vote is exactly what I expected. 335 more words

Call and Response: Alia

Name: Alia
Hometown: Douglasville, Georgia by way of New York
Age: 26
Age You First Fell in Love: I want to say I was 18, to the definition I think now, I want to say 18… 151 more words


SQL Deduct value from multiple rows

I would like to apply total $10.00 discount for each customers.The discount should be applied to multiple transactions until all $10.00 used.

CustomerID  Transaction Amount      Discount       TransactionID
1           $8.00                   $8.00          1
1           $6.00                   $2.00          2
1           $5.00                   $0.00          3
1           $1.00                   $0.00          4
2           $5.00                   $5.00          5
2           $2.00                   $2.00          6
2           $2.00                   $2.00          7
3           $45.00                  $10.00         8
3           $6.00                   $0.00          9
… 12 more words
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