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Call and Response: Alia

Name: Alia
Hometown: Douglasville, Georgia by way of New York
Age: 26
Age You First Fell in Love: I want to say I was 18, to the definition I think now, I want to say 18… 151 more words


Hello, September

Hey there lovely readers,

I know. I know. Shame on me . . .

I’ve been away for some time, so let me explain. My last year of graduate school is here, I have a demanding internship during the week, I work weekends, and I am the Vice President of my Graduate Association – cut me some slack :). 159 more words


The Eritrean Identity Thief (YouTube)

The term #Habesha is a preferred word for those who do not want to acknowledge the #Independent #EritreanIdentity 316 more words


Ode to a sister

After reading this blog for the first time today, my sister calls to tell me what she thinks: “You are a decent writer”. Not you will rot in hell, not you are sick and perverted and definitely not that she will disown me as her sister. 45 more words