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Day 31 - We Can Be Like

A knitted sweater… Handwoven with care.

A pair of birds sitting on a branch chirping early on a saturday morning or a pair of lovers with our legs intertwined in bed with the smell of hot pancakes & a side of coffee coming from the kitchen… Relaxed & invigorated. 87 more words

Day 30 – Manage

To me, I see you bigger than a planet but if it’s not in

the stars for us to be aligned together then I’m a have to plan it. 161 more words

Day 29 – Unnoticed

Am I wasting my time paying attention to every little

detail about you when I receive back next to nothing?

Is there something I should be made aware of before… 156 more words

Day 28 – Black & White

What are you searching for? Curious about? In need of?

The thrill for excitement or comfort in stability?

A fun present or ideal future?

Love? Lust? 120 more words

Day 27 – The Kiss

She had more experience in the waiting game while I was an amateur

not sure of which rules to bend & what were “ok” to break. 266 more words


In an attempt at subtle visibility, I have started wearing a pride bracelet.

Ironically, most people comment on how nice it looks and not a single person seems to have figured out what the rainbow stands for … so much for visibility. 6 more words

Day 26 – Pretend

Living in the land of the make believe…

Two options I’m presented…

Capture attention by making them believe you or… Fail & they leave you. 199 more words