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I Admit...

I’m an emotional eater…always have been! (Sadly) I wish I wasn’t but I am and I’m finally admitting it. As a kid, whenever I was upset or angry I would turn to food, heck even when I was happy I would turn to food. 270 more words


Day 15 - Fat loss and muscle gain

so, i am now on Day 15 of the program and i figured it’s time to check my progress.

earlier today, i took pictures of myself in the same clothes as i did on day one so that i can see if there have been changes, if at all. 283 more words


I reckon I have hit a plateau of sorts since it seems like the scales are just not moving at all… I am thankful that I am maintaining but I just am not losing… one thing is eating too late I think.   217 more words


On Starting A New Habit That Replaces The Old: My #SugarFreeSeptember

Start a new habit that naturally replaces or phases out the old one.

If you’ve been reading this week you know we’ll we are talking about habits and the secret we’ve discovered: The easiest way to breaking a habit is to start a new habit. 17 more words

Women Ideas

Thursday Book Recommendation (Be My Book Buddies 齊。閱。趣。)

Max and Millie love dressing up, but are not nearly so eager to get dressed by themselves. Can Millie’s daddy find a fun way to prompt them to put on their clothes? 24 more words


And so it begins...

Day one of blogging.  The first step.  Committing to create this.  Having thought about it for a while, I asked myself the big WHY to make sure it was indeed something I wanted to commit to.  126 more words


Thoughtful Thursdays

Afternoon little bloggers, on my lunch break once again and there will be a new review on later so keep your eyes peeled. Now, I love this question because it tells you so, so much about readers and the question is…  92 more words