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Commit To Change

Change your mind and it will change your life.  That is what we are all learning to do on the Millionaires In Training mastermind call every morning. 268 more words

The Law Of Success

Habit, Or The Ups And Downs Of Doing The Same Thing Every Day

Every day, I wear pretty much the same thing — black jeans, black t-shirt, one of six button down shirts, the same zippy sweater. There are few decisions to make. 912 more words

Practice Excellence

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”


Week 4 of Seven Weeks of Weird

Welcome to Week 4 of 7 weeks of Weird hosted by the fabulous Mental Mama herself. You can find all the information you require HERE! 376 more words

Daily / Weekly Prompts!

MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN: 10 Habits For Your Personal and Professional Mastery

Today I want to share some deep, simple yet highly effective ideas for living true to your potential. By mastering these habits you unleash your potential and increase the certainty of your ultimate success. 907 more words


HabitRPG: Winning at life

Maybe. Maybe if I accomplished everything on my to do list and consistently did the chores and the tasks I needed to do then maybe I’d win at life. 269 more words


Consciousness and unconsciousness

We do actions based on instinct and habit; we also do actions based on consciousness and decisions. To have complete instinct would be to be a robot, without control. 525 more words