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A different drum

I believe that anybody who makes a concerted effort to get off their bottom and shift up a gear into a stride where both feet are momentarily in suspension is a runner. 831 more words


Mind your words.

Had been working in such multinational company originated from UK made me realize one thing: not necessarily every one can communicate well. In foreign language to be precised. 495 more words

Daily Life

Maybe It'll Grow

Today I read about Benedictine monks.  Each day and week and year is filled with the same pattern – they work and pray and work and pray and work and pray and so on.   217 more words

Getting back into the habit...

10 habits by papayatreelimited licensed under CC BY-NY 2.0

Dearie me – I seem to have written a few of these types of posts at one time or another; usually after I have spent all my blogging energy on #BlogJune and then say nothing for several months :) 166 more words


What Are You Afraid Of?

It’s like we’re all holding onto an electric fence . . . I’ve just let go.

These words were spoken to me by a very young – but very wise – man, describing his family’s behavior during a time of real crisis. 327 more words

Undercover Smokers/Smokers, This Ones for You

I am probably going to get severely lectured for this post, I was not going to write it, but after talking to an old friend about this issue, I became motivated (Thank you Mike Arp for giving me that motivation and for proof reading).. 1,419 more words