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Success is a staircase, NOT a door.

I saw this quote by Dottie Walters the other day. Success is a staircase, NOT a door. It really spoke to me on several levels. First it reminded me of all the people I know looking for the quick fix. 377 more words

Snacks – the more, the better.

Two days before Australian Championships

Placing: 2nd in Australia.

When my children were born, I was fascinated with their eating behaviour. They ate every 2 to 3 hours without fail, around the clock. 915 more words


Financially Fit in 30: Day 1

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Instant living VS Gift of steady (Slow) living

First let me admit that, in past I was a victim for fast life, what we can call as “Instant Living”. I was impatient,  needed things instantly ;It may be food or money or even I was impatient to be in the traffic pumping horns endlessly. 313 more words


Financially Fit in 30 Days with Jahneva Diva: Welcome!

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For 30 Days, you will be waging war on your finances! Each day, I will send you a quick email with a daily assignment. 124 more words

Financially Fit in 30 with Jahneva Diva: Pre-assignments

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