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And Stretch

As we age we experience a reduced range of movement in our joints. We can slow down and even reverse this process by stretching.

Stretching can also help to: 256 more words


Week 2 Habit: Identify Feelings

Last week’s habit was using people’s names in friendly greetings, the typical “Hi, how are you?” and “Fine, how are you?” types. Including people’s names doesn’t roll off my tongue naturally quite yet, but I’m continuing the attempts! 178 more words


I Call It the "Questioning Oneself" Dilemma

Back in March of this year, Lily turned one. And so begins the journey to “The Terrible Twos.” This period, as I recall from my online research, is marked by sparks of temper tantrums, dislike of hearing the word “No” and an inability to express their feelings. 929 more words


Why I totally trashed my productivity plan. And why you should too.

I had a pretty interesting productivity plan. Till about a year ago. This 4 step plan looked something like this.

Step 1: Get super frustrated with the mess. 950 more words


Ad Break Abs

When deciding whether to go home and watch TV after a long day at work or to the gym, it is not surprising that a night in front of the Telly often wins. 126 more words


Week 1 Habit: Name Calling

On the floor in the building where I work, there are people in other departments I talk with but don’t know their names. Due to daily routines, paths are often crossed but names are not exchanged. 219 more words


My Top Ten Tips to ‘trimming the fat’ off your meals in your day in a matter of seconds.

Re-engineering your body to where you want to be is hard. Matter of fact it can be very difficult for some. It can be like asking an amateur golfer to play in the Pro Ranks and win! 1,255 more words