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Daily thought - key habits

Habits unlock the future. Some habits spur on other positive habits. For example keeping a food journal leads to choosing better foods which leads to weight loss which leads to a better quality of life. 71 more words


September: a great month to evaluate your new year's resolutions

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. – Mark Twain.

Its september, the month in which, in many countries, a new school year is starting.

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Build New Habits- 4 Simple and Effective Practices

“The only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits.” –Og Mandino

Good or bad, our lives are shaped by our habits. 893 more words

Personal Growth

Shopping isn't therapy

Reading Leo’s blogpost on simple life one of the lessons stood out for me: ‘shopping isn’t therapy, it’s a waste of time and money’!

I did have the phrase shopping is therapy in my vocabulary, but this is the first time I gave it more thought. 73 more words


17 Small Productivity Habits | Farnam Street

I’ve talked before about how important and useful it can be to build helpful habits.  Once a good behaviour is a habit, it’s not necessary to think about it, it’s a regular part of your routine.   141 more words


How are you creating some sunshine in August?

August is a great time to catch up with yourself!

Stephen Covey who wrote the classic book ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ talks about the importance of blocking out time in your diary for ‘important not urgent’ tasks. 428 more words


My Home Yoga Space

There are several places I regularly frequent for my yoga practice. From time to time, I attend my friend’s class at the gym where I also teach. 898 more words