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Top 10 Ways To Drown in Judgement

Do you want to drown in judgement? If so, here’s how…

1) Constantly worry about what others are thinking of you. By basing all of your actions or lack of actions on what others think it will not only stop you from achieving your goals, but will stop you from discovering who you really are. 350 more words

A Sleep Schedule That Can Improve Your Health

There are some who operate on the belief, whether they realize it or not, that their sleep schedule in no way affects the rest of their health. 955 more words


7.5 Key Habits that would reduce your risk of the flu this winter

My wife and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary next week. Wow, a wonderful achievement. A milestone reached. I mentioned it to a long-term client and friend of mine and he said: 2,180 more words

Overcome something scary early in your day

Start your day off by conquering a fear of yours – perhaps an unpleasant task that needs to be undertaken, a phone call you need to make which you’ve been stalling, something you’ve been procrastinating on and avoiding. 419 more words


More handwritten notes

This post is a follow-up to the pledge that I made in this post back in December 2013.

JavaScript required to play this video… 129 more words


Caught in the middle

All these months of my web-absence, I have been telling myself: What can I possibly write that would be interesting or useful for others to read? 550 more words


Yoga Nidra

Personally, I have never ever heard of “Yoga Nidra” until after I became a yoga instructor. Little bits and pieces, sample experiences here and there in certain courses I’ve taken along the way. 722 more words