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Too much of a good thing

I think we all have traits that keep us acutely aware of that lovely yin-and-yang, positive-and-negative, blessing-and-curse balance in life. It’s great to be sensitive to other people’s needs, not so great to be walked all over; great to be motivated, but not cut-throat; to have a cookie, but not the whole batch, etc. 1,120 more words

Top 10 Ways To Drown in Judgement

Do you want to drown in judgement? If so, here’s how…

1) Constantly worry about what others are thinking of you. By basing all of your actions or lack of actions on what others think it will not only stop you from achieving your goals, but will stop you from discovering who you really are. 350 more words

Motivation gets you going and habits get you there

In my industry it is often spoke that Motivation is the key.

I happen to agree, however motivation can not always be as easy as raising a smile, a smile can cover a multitude of problems but to actually get motivated and get your asse into gear is a whole different ball game. 305 more words

On Living Simply

Today I went through my closet and got rid of an extreme amount of stuff.  It’s embarrassing, actually, to see how much stuff I had that I didn’t use.  371 more words

Currently Cultivating

new rules

you know what quitting sugar taught me? 

everything is easier in action than in anticipation.

now, that seems antithetical to the statement “easier said than done” but i find it to be absolutely true. 1,053 more words

Oops I did it again....

Take Our Poll

Ok, I’m not a fan of the song or artist…but it is a catchy line….

Alright, to the heart of the matter, I have been in diligent pursuit of my goal of 210 lbs since Thanksgiving 2013. 375 more words

Weight Loss

5 Days Reset Programme

It’s time for me to start to have a good eating habits!

Let the challenge begins!