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Aliens Discovered In German Crop Circle

Most of them appear to be aliens from Planet Germany, however.

“Jemand aus dem All will uns hier etwas sagen.”


A question of focus

While watching a webinar by Michael Bungay Stanier, I was struck by his opening question:

How focused do you plan to be?

Not ‘How focused are you?’

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German Understanding For Russia Still Very Understanding For Some Strange Reason

German Chamber of Commerce and Industry: One-fourth of German export firms are affected by Russian sanctions.

“Betroffen ist davon in etwa jedes vierte deutsche Unternehmen, das im Ausland aktiv ist.”


Qu'est-ce que je fais en vacance?

1. J’exprime ma gratitude

Prière, salutation ou pensée…
Le matin commence et hier n’existe plus…
Je remercie pour tous les simples bonheurs qui remplissent l’instant: l’air frais, le soleil, les beaux yeux clairs qui me regardent tendrement, l’odeur du café, le ronron qui vibre à côté de mes pieds, le silence… 225 more words

Philosophie Appliquée

Hannover University: Headbanging Can Be Dangerous

Somebody suffered a little cerebral haemorrhaging at a Motörhead concert or something. Rock and roll!

So if you absolutely positively have to do some headbanging, make sure to do it on the Fourth of July to the National Anthem (thanks for the link, … 7 more words


When I grow up....

Today I started a new devotional (devo for short… not to be confused with the 80’s techno band). It was made by the great Tim Elmore, author of “Habitudes” which were the devos I studied in high school. 614 more words


Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.