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Das Oktoberfest Hat Begonnen!

O’zapft is!

Oktoberfest guests probably don’t want to turn up on this site after their visit: “München kotzt” (Munich pukes) documents the low points of the world’s largest… 23 more words


Why Germans Always Pay Cash?

Like, duh. Because they’re the ones who have it all.

But the real point isn’t that Germans love cash. It’s that—for the same historical reasons—they loathe debt. 75 more words


Forget About The Scots

Now it’s time to get the Bavarians outta here!

In further signs that the Scottish referendum on independence is inspiring secessionist movements across Europe, Germany’s Bavaria Party has signalled its support for the Scottish Yes campaign amidst hopes that Bavaria could also become independent. 41 more words



Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.


Germans Aren't Scaredy-Cats

They’re Fear Rabbits (Angsthasen).

And what’s the number one angst in Germany these days? Ukraine? Ebola? Nope. Money. Money, the environment and health, in that order. 41 more words


"If I Want, I Will Take Poland In Two Weeks"

Oops. I meant Kiev, of course

On September 1, 1939, the German army under Adolf Hitler launched an invasion of Poland that triggered the start of World War II. 84 more words