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Amazon and Hachette - why readers don't value ebooks

Apparently I’m not done with this yet. Look – here’s the deal with ebook pricing, okay? Hachette wants to keep the price of ebooks high for their own stupid, short sighted reasons, but people keep defending them with arguments like “but cover design costs money! 352 more words


Authors' Protest of Amazon Shows That Bigger Isn't Always Better in Business

When some 900 authors last week delivered a call to arms against Internet giant Amazon, the subtext of their message went beyond a dispute about rights and numbers. 555 more words


All that bullshit about Hachette

Okay, y’all must know at this point that as far as I’m concerned, traditional publishing can go suck all the dicks in Bangkok. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t pay attention to the news, because keeping up with stuff happening in the industry is kinda required. 822 more words


Amazon versus the world: a recent history

Where pricing is concerned, there’s Amazon, and then there’s everyone else.

From Stephen King to Disney, Warner Brothers to Bonnier publishing, the e-commerce giant has waged battle against countless parties this year, all in an attempt—at least, that’s how it appears—to have the final word on low prices. 8 more words


Book Wars!

I’m a wanna’ be author, so I pay attention when publishers and book sellers start developing temper tantrums. I doubt I’ll ever finish any of the novels I started, but I still pay attention; who knows, maybe I have a best seller in that pile of words. 600 more words


Amazon v Hachette and who's right

If you like reading and writing you are probably aware of the ongoing dispute between Amazon and Hachette. The issue can be boiled down by people like… 680 more words


On the Books: German authors sign open letter criticizing Amazon tactics

While Amazon and Hachette duke out their differences in the United States, German publisher Bonnier is now involved in a similar dispute with Amazon. Amazon and Bonnier are also negotiating over ebook prices for books published by Bonnier, and while negotiations are ongoing, Amazon has delayed shipment for their books and discouraged customers from buying them. 337 more words