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Retailers Put Aside Differences, Band Together To Fight Future Massive Hacks

You know that scene in superhero and/or spy movies (and especially in sequels) where the hero and his/her longtime nemesis must begrudgingly band together, if only for one kick-butt scene, to take down a larger foe that could hurt them both? 329 more words

Banks Warned About Massive ATM Frauds, Attacks On Websites

It’s hard to feel bad for the banking business, but financial institutions can take a huge hit when consumers are the victims of large-scale fraud or ID theft. 431 more words

California DMV: No evidence of computer breach

The California Department of Motor Vehicles said Saturday there’s no evidence of a computer┬ábreach, but it’s launching an investigation “out of an abundance of caution.” 197 more words


EA Server Hacked, Websites Replaced By Phishing Scam

From the Mass Effect 3 debacle to last year’s disastrous SimCity launch, things always seem to go badly for video game goliath Electronic Arts around the time of our Worst Company In America contest; perhaps that’s why EA is the two-time reigning champ. 233 more words

Sally Beauty May Be Latest Credit Card Hack Victim

The credit card payment system of yet another national retail chain appears to have been violated. This time it’s Sally Beauty, which looks to be the common denominator among a group of recently stolen credit card numbers.

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Russia’s first targets in Ukraine: its cell phones and Internet lines.

The Russian forces occupying Crimea are jamming cell phones and severing Internet connections between the peninsula and the rest of Ukraine. 689 more words

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One Month After Being Hijacked, Twitter Finally Restores @N Account To Rightful User

Several weeks ago, the Internet was abuzz with the story of how hackers had taken advantage of idiocy at Paypal and GoDaddy to hijack developer Naoki Hiroshima’s personal website and hold it hostage until he handed over the keys to his coveted… 284 more words