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Producers Say Latest James Bond Film Script Was Stolen In Sony Pictures Hack Attack

LONDON (CBS/AP) — The producers of the James Bond films have acknowledged that an early version of the screenplay for the new movie “SPECTRE” was among the material stolen in the massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. 370 more words


North Korea Denies Involvement But Calls Hack Attack On Sony Pictures 'Righteous Deed'

SEOUL, South Korea (CBS/AP) — North Korea released a statement Sunday that clearly relished a cyber attack on Sony Pictures, which is producing an upcoming film that depicts an assassination plot against Pyongyang’s supreme leader. 378 more words


Nationwide Data Breach Hits Clothing Retailer Bebe, Payment Card Info Stolen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: when consumers nationwide can find out that their credit and debit card information has been lost to hackers right when they’re trying to get all of their holiday shopping done. 279 more words

Sony hack reveals Seth Rogen, James Franco 'The Interview' salaries

After Sony confirmed it was hacked on Nov. 25, information slowly began trickling out about a number of its films. And according to Bloomberg, some recent information reveals how much Seth Rogen and James Franco made for their upcoming film, … 83 more words


Yet Another Reason To Hate Paying For Parking: Parking Garage Payment Systems Hacked

The holiday shopping season is now well and truly upon us. This being 2014 and all, that also means the holiday hacking season is upon us. 322 more words

Sony Pictures Hacked, Films Released Online; North Korea On List Of Suspects

Sony Pictures Entertainment, the film studio division of international entertainment giant Sony, was the victim of a major hack last week. Not only did the attack majorly disrupt work at the studio nationwide, but also it appears that the bad guys got their hands on some goodies while they were there: at least four Sony films that haven’t even been released yet are already zipping their way around the internet. 734 more words