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It's okay my hacker is houseminding for me

Today, I’m going to talk again about Irony, an amazingly effective humor style. It’s best to describe it by example – “I decided not to report my credit card stolen on the basis that the thief is spending less than my wife… 267 more words


Oh Zaman Dulu

Sekarang dah takde, rindu betul nak hacker game ni. Cpu takde monitor takde. Habis takde. Dulu aku hacker yang pro. Habis game aku nak hack. Sampaikan ade orang dengki nak hack. 167 more words


Barrhaven youth's father says police consider him person of interest in cyber attacks

The father of a Barrhaven youth accused of making fake 911 calls across North America says police now consider him a person of interest in the current campaign of cyber-attacks on municipal websites. 460 more words

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Blog Entry 2 - Post-Pitch Cooldown.

So, we did it. We pitched in front of the thousands. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. More like hundreds. Regardless, it was a huge step for the Hustler, Hacker, and Hipster trio. 97 more words


Settling Down in ArcheAge?

Things have settled down in ArcheAge and in our guild lately. When the game was new and in the first month it was a huge influx of new players who wanted to try the game. 497 more words


Ottawa's hacker used my websites without me knowing, American owner says

Two websites that were being used by the hacker who’s targeted Ottawa’s city and police websites were shut down Tuesday after the Citizen reached their American owner — who said he had no idea they were being exploited. 834 more words

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