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Hackerspaces Take on Sustainability — Climate Confidential

In the East Market neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, a handful of chic bars and boutiques are filling into the historic brick buildings on Broadway St, hinting at the neighborhood’s future. 350 more words


After Kenya's Defense Forces', Its Deputy President's Account Under Siege

Only 4 days ago after Kenya Defense Forces’ account was hacked, Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, William Samoei Ruto has faced the same fate! 443 more words


Penny wise, Found foolish

Increasing #cyber-crimes, and technology misuse world over is the greatest terror attack now-a-days to every individual.If ignored for long,it gives us a knock on our head;probably a wake up call. 204 more words

This Supercut Shows What Cheesy 80's Movies Thought Computer Hacking Looked Like

There’s a series of electronic beeps over a Tron soundtrack. The screen is filled with a series of green letters and then a psychedelic interface. This is computer hacking, as told to you by any number of 1980′s computer films, oozing with cheesy perfection. 21 more words