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To blog about the paint or to get on with the paint or....

To blog about the paint or to get on with the paint or…. Do rather like this photo someone took (I know not who) 15 more words

Hackney WickeD Festival 2014

Hackney Wick – “have you seen a unicorn?”

This summer I discovered Hackney Wick whilst searching for a unicorn.  All I knew previously was that this was where the artists who regenerated Shoreditch had relocated to after the developers moved in.   1,155 more words

Street Art

New Home- (and it's permanent)

Well…. as permanent as living in London ever is, I managed to grab myself a room and a new job near by. So here’s hoping it all works well. 169 more words

Plum Cupcakes To Bring Out The Sunshine

This afternoon I headed down to the local markets for some baking inspiration. A bowl of juicy plums caught my eye and before I knew it there is a plate full of cupcakes sitting before me. 40 more words

Welcome To The Wick

I want to write a symphony but I can’t write music

Maybe I can do it on camera

Layers yes layers of sound I lay down in snaps… 45 more words

Mitch Hicks

My Hackney Wicked weekend and the Fifth One Hundred Pieced art piece....

The Monday morning after the brilliant weekend before, Wicked hangover? Always is on the Monday after the week before, it was certainly colourful this weekend over at Hackney Wick and as art festivals go Hackney WickED is rather uniquely organic. 619 more words