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A lesson in the real meaning of housing

When tenants take control of the housing debate

I haven’t been following housing and the issues that surround it for very long. In order to do so, I’ve signed up to various blogs – often written by people working for housing associations – in order to keep abreast of developments. 589 more words


PERFORMANCE: Kelvin Atmadibrata - Yaranaika? / Mou Ikkai / levan Polka

Via a series of actions –  durational, repetitive and referential to Japanese pop culture, Yaranaika? / Mou Ikkai / levan Polka points to wider questions with regards to regionalism, diasporic anxieties, gender and cultural identity. 85 more words

Live Art

The Hackney Housing Debate, tonight @ Chats Palace, 6pm

I’ll be heading to the above tonight to hear what Dianne Abbott, among others, has to say about the housing situation in Hackney. As Hackney is especially reliant on social housing as a borough, and is currently the site of some controversial redevelopment, it should be a pretty interesting debate. 15 more words


1983: Boys drugged and sexually assaulted at Hackney council estate

In 1983, several boys were drugged and sexually assaulted by an unknown attacker on the Frampton Park Estate in Hackney. This was the same estate where Robert Oliver and Leslie Bailey lived as of 1989 ( 51 more words

Operation Orchid / Stranger, And Related

Adam Deacon speaks out against Noel Clarke- and he should be heard

Strolling through Twitter a few weeks back, I stumbled across Adam Deacon’s Twitter feed. He seemed pretty irate at the time, apologising to his followers about a supposed outburst he’d had regarding a matter that he promised to clarify. 765 more words

British Cinema

Bike Away Lockers - Storage for your Bicycles

Bike Away Lockers – Storage for your Bicycles

Residents of our Estates have been Complaining of Stolen Bikes and Wheels of Bicycles going missing,

The Solution is a Bike Away Locker.   82 more words