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Hell? Yeah.

God loves you so much, that he sent his only Son to die for your sins and give you an eternity in heaven. But if you refuse to accept this free and gracious gift, he’s going to throw you into a lake of fire where you will burn for eternity. 1,066 more words


Dreamless Book Review

Hello! Long time no see i know.
I didn’t forget about the blog, just got a little overwhelmed with work.
I did see “The Imitation Game” and i’m making a post about it. 526 more words


Pantheon Review - Greco-Roman

The introduction of the Awoken uevos has breathed new life into a pantheon that was widely regarded as garbage. However, outside of those hard to obtain forms the pantheon is still fairly useless. 530 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

The Death of Sisyphus

The second of my retellings of myths involving Hades.

Sisyphus was the son of Aeolus, one of the sons of Hellen.  When he was young, he set out to forge a new home for himself, and founded the city he called Ephyra, though later generations would come to call it Corinth.   1,899 more words

Greek Mythology

[Hades:] A valentine

[A/N: Hades bothered me when I was eating dinner and I’m like, CURRY RICE IS ALL MINE, YOU CAN’T HAZ. I felt his thoughts entered mine, and he said it’s important, and he wants it done like RIGHT NOW, GIMME EXPEDITE SERVICE, but he was being gentleman and polite about it. 215 more words


Greek God ~ Hades

Hades had a three-headed monster
A hound with salivating jaws
Guardian of the Underworld
Didn’t hesitate to use its claws

Hades was an amiable god… 46 more words