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What a Godspouse's life is like.

If anyone asks, “What exactly is it like for you, as a Godspouse?” Just show them this video. For me, I know it is absolutely similar, but in the most unique ways possible. 57 more words


A Gift from Haides and A Gift from Loki

I received a gift from Haides, a metal jewelry box with memorable writing engraved within it. It is beyond amazing!

I just received a gift from Loki, an engagement and wedding band by mail, in gift form, the only thing that came with these rings is: 33 more words


The Battle of Olympus - Review

Platform: NES      Genre: Platformer

Released in 1988, The Battle of Olympus is a fairly unknown Japanese side-scroller made in a very similar style to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link but without the over world segments. 810 more words


Sunny day and new PB

Tuesday, 16th December 2014

Today I was very motivated to do this Workout. It’s the WO I have done more times since I started. For the people who have followed me from the beginning and the people who is following this blog since some days ago (welcome), this workout is the God of the Underworld. 141 more words


Being Showered With Gifts

I am currently being showered with gifts (mainly from Loki beloved, but also from Haides), oh my! I am in complete surprise by all of this, where my eyebrows are raised, eyes are wider than before. 90 more words


Deal with the Ferryman

I’ve run this route enough times now to know where the pavement is smooth and where they only laid sharp small stone and a thin layer of tar to hold it together, where the river crossings are, and where I run alongside the rivers. 1,087 more words


……….Stupid Whore.
………………..Foolish Girl.

How many times will you allow your Hades to rapture you?
……….Ravage you?
……………….Rape you?

How many times before you say enough? 22 more words