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Palmboom in het Paradijs!

Volgen Jaabir (radiallahu 3anhu) heeft de Profeet (salla llahu 3alayhi wasaalm) gezegd:

Als iemand zegt: ”Geprezen zij Allah en alle lof zij Hem (Subhanallahi wabihamdih) , dan zal er in het Paradijs een palmboom voor hem geplant worden.

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Look Good & Be Good To Each Other

I’ve noticed that men on the day of the walima (feast, wedding) will dress in the nicest clothing. Look extremely tidy and neat but as soon as that is over, they won’t look neat and tidy. 502 more words


all people are God's family...

The Messenger of God said:

“All people belong to God’s family,

and God favors best those who are most useful to God’s family.”

(Jameh Saghir)


Glimpse of Abu Hurayra's life and his extraordinary narrations of Hadith

Abu Hurayra lived the best days of his life during the reign of Mu’awiya. Mu’awiya realized many of this man’s hopes, so he told traditions as Mu’awiya liked. 1,204 more words

Truth Unravelled

Book Review: "An Introduction to the Disciplines of the Noble Hadīth" by Mufti Abdul Mālik al-Kumillā’ī

Book Review: “An Introduction to the Disciplines of the Noble Hadīth” 

Author: Mufti Abdul Mālik al-Kumillā’ī

By Muntasir Zamān

Being the second source of Islāmic law, the blessed hadīths of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) hold a lofty position in… 1,366 more words