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Hadoop 1.21 Name node startup issue

While I was trying to poke around in hadoop environment I noticed that namenode wouldn’t start up. After doing some research I found that its the IPv6 issue. 98 more words


Operation not permitted error while bringing up the start-all service -Hadoop Startup

I followed  Michael Knoll blog to configure the hadoop on my Ubuntu 14.04


these are the two information I felt was required for my set up to be right and up and running… 127 more words


HDFS viewing the block size

You view the block size of the data using this. Usually hadoop will run one mapper per block.

hadoop fsck  

hadoop fsck /user/root/identity/input/qa  -files -blocks… 46 more words


Open Source Cloud Formation with Minotaur for Mesos, Kafka and Hadoop

Today I am happy to announce “Minotaur” which is our Open Source AWS based infrastructure for managing big data open source projects including (but not limited too): … 1,038 more words

Open Source Projects

Ideas and goals behind the Go Kafka Client

I think a bunch of folks have heard already that B.D.O.S.S. was working on a new Apache Kafka Client For Go. Go Kafka Client was open sourced last Friday. 755 more words

Open Source Projects

Run a simple map reduce job in hadoop pseudo distributed setup.

“In this blog I will describe, how you can run a simple map reduce job in a single-node Hadoop cluster. for this i am going to use a WordCountexample which reads text files and counts how often words occur.

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