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MapReduce in MongoDB

This is a simple example of doing mapReduce in MongoDB.

We are going to find the population of all the states in US, where we are given a JSON doc with city, zip, state and population. 204 more words


SQL-on-Hadoop tech Apache Drill is ready to use and part of MapR's distro

MapR, the Hadoop vendor spearheading the Apache Drill project, has integrated an early version of the technology into its big data platform. The company is calling the current version of Drill, version 0.5, a “developer pre-release” that will nonetheless show off what the new type of SQL query engine can do. 431 more words

Gigaom Research webinar: Big storage for big data: the right storage approach for the job

Capturing and analyzing information are only part of the big data equation. Businesses must store ingested data in a format that is accessible and resilient, yet still economical. 216 more words

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A tempest is brewing with Apache Storm - whats going on there?

I’ve lost a bit of faith in the Apache Foundation of late. I understand that a project that is in incubation is still getting its house in order but how long should that take, how much confidence should one put in interim releases and when should you just throw your hands up in the air and say enough is enough, time to find another tool? 624 more words


Intro about me

Hi buddys….

Welcome to my blog with samples on java and hadoop technologies. This is my first log. In case you have any concerns kindly share your thoughts. 20 more words


Developer Catchup: Synchronous Node, Serviced Polyfills, Sparks Sparked, Tangrams Mapped and SHAaaaaaa!

Node.js synchronously: Node.js is sweet if you can adapt to the asynchronous model of start thing, say what you want to do when its done, do everything else anyway. 378 more words


Universal Data Model - A Really Different Look at Data

The idea of environmental determinism once made a lot of sense. Hostile climates and habitats prevented the expansion of human populations. The conceptual opposite of determinism is called possibilism. 29 more words