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The giant in the green hat

I’m standing on a corner, wondering why I’m not inside where the rain isn’t so bad. A half-drenched guy comes up to me and says “You heard about this Hadron Collider thing they got going over there in France?” 679 more words


The Strong Force

Many particles have electric charge. Electric charge comes in many sizes, but two types: positive and negative.

Some particles, like quarks, have another charge-like thing that comes in… 504 more words


A Model Family: The Quarks

Particle physics uses something call the standard model, which describes the fundamental particles, and how they behave and interact.

It divides the fundamental particles into three families, the quarks, the leptons and the gauge bosons… and one loner, the Higgs Boson. 460 more words


A Particular Hierarchy

Particle physics basically deals with things that are smaller than atoms – that is, subatomic particles.

Many subatomic particles are made of smaller particles again. If you try to break a particle down into its constituent pieces, you eventually reach a particle that can’t be broken down further (as far as we know!) These basic units are called fundamental particles. 236 more words