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What's the Matter, Antimatter?

Matter is what makes up all the stuff we can touch. In the standard model of particle physics, all matter is made of combinations of the twelve fundamental particles of matter. 260 more words


A Model Family: The Leptons

In the standard model of particle physics, there are two families of particles that make up all matter. These are the quarks, which combine to make particles like protons and neutrons, and the leptons. 408 more words


What's Going On Here?

Poster science is an experiment in turning science topics into quirky art.

The current topic is particle physics. This site gives a bit of background information on what these pictures are all about. 28 more words


Quantum Uncertainty

In the mid 1920’s, Werner Heisenberg worked out a mathematical description of quantum mechanics.

One new concept he introduced was the uncertainty principle. This is the surprising idea that it is impossible to know with absolute precision both the position and the momentum of a thing, or to know the exact energy of a thing at a certain time. 246 more words