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My 2 to 10! (aka 9 to 5)

Hello friends!  I wanted to use this blog post to tell you more about my new job here in Korea.  But first, some background information. 707 more words

The Journey is half the Battle

I feel like that title is a quote from someone, somewhere… but it just felt appropriate. I was waiting to make my first post on this blog for a while now, I was debating posting about my preparation and freaking out before actually coming to Korea but I feel like a real, raw post of what I’ve actually went through on my journey here made for a better blog. 1,624 more words

Air Canada

대학교 졸업 후...

It’s one of those questions I often get asked: “What do you want to do after you graduate university?”

In all honesty, I am not sure yet. 403 more words


Sports Day!

Today we had an event with our school and the other branch in Daegu. In our contract, we were made aware that there may be a few days in the year where we need to work on a weekend. 388 more words


An E2 for Two

We had been working on the VISA process since March. “Hurry up and wait,” was the motto of one of the recruiters. You’re not supposed to work with more than one, but no prospective “teacher” would listen to that.  357 more words


Korea Update... We Still Don't Have Jobs


I thought it was about time for an update. A lot has happened since our last post, but one thing is still the same: we still are jobless. 366 more words


More Thoughts on Teaching

So I’m halfway through my third week of teaching.  I’m having a lot of thoughts on it.  A lot of really good ones, since I’m starting to realize I love teaching.   387 more words