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How to Save Money in Korea

My immediate goals are becoming clearer lately, and my long-term goals have been fading into the background..

Immediate Goal: Get a new apartment! Wheeee!!!

Long-term Goal: Pay off my student loans! 386 more words

So You Want to Come to Korea Part 3: Public school vs. Private academy

Ok, so I know I said I’d have this here by the end of the weekend, but it’s the weekend somewhere right? Or is that it’s 5pm somewhere? 1,032 more words


Hung up on Hangul (한글)

Native English speakers tend to forget how lucky they are. This is the language that dominates the world and it is one that most students learn from a very young age. 388 more words


Deck the Halls

Surprisingly, Christmas in Korea wasn’t bad at all. A tiny fake tree, presents from home, and lights around town helped to ease the moments of homesickness. 630 more words

Hagwons and Picking Your Battles Wisely

As I mentioned in my last post, my goal for my last six months in Korea is to be more active with this blog, and at least give some opinions and ideas to any new teachers who may be coming to teach English at a Korean academy. 783 more words


Living so far from home and with access to a minimum amount of holidays there is an abundance of things that you will miss out on. 312 more words


Get the hell outta Dodge.

That sentence basically describes my week this far. This week has been pretty hectic, all starting from Friday last week. Speaking tests began and I fell apart. 458 more words