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Introducing Expat Extractors, LLC

by Fred Colton

Hey you, over there. Yeah, you—with the hoodie and pit stained T-shirt, hunched over that convenience store ATM seeing if you’ve got enough in the account for a one-way flight back to the motherland. 915 more words


Momentous Moments

Middle of the afternoon and I was walking home for lunch. I get a decently long lunch break and at the moment I am not rich and I am trying to lose weight. 1,576 more words


Last of Summer 2013

I was curious how I wanted to end my recall of 2013 and yet I don’t want to fall behind on my newer, most recent Korean experiences as well.   1,560 more words


Bitching Administration

Hagwons aren’t always fun. In fact the administration can make life very difficult. This video highlights some recent mishaps with the administration at our hagwon.

The Trouble with Co-Teaching

I like my coteacher, but the co system at my hagwon is deeply flawed. The Korean teacher is often help responsible for the actions of the foreign teacher’s actions. 528 more words


I suppose this post is a little late, but I celebrated my 27th birthday last Wednesday. Last weekend, my college roommate and dear friend, Mil-Al, came down to Daegu from Incheon. 310 more words

Teaching in Korea

I now completely understand the saying, “education is wasted on the young”. All they want to do is circle the answers in their books, finish the page and move onto the next one. 377 more words