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Get the hell outta Dodge.

That sentence basically describes my week this far. This week has been pretty hectic, all starting from Friday last week. Speaking tests began and I fell apart. 458 more words


"No meat, no cheese? You want tuna?"

I’ve had a busy, yet not entirely interesting week. One thing I’ve found is that life tends to settle into a routine, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. 428 more words

Awkward Interviews

My friend Jasmine is interviewing for schools in South Korea at the moment. Interviewing for a 학원 (hagwon) can be a funny experience. 260 more words



Today I had to get some passport-type photos printed to send to my school along with all my visa documents. Only having three tries at a picture is unfair. 148 more words

My Life

Hagwon v. EPIK

If your plan to move to South Korea is still an infantile seedling, then the chances are that you are yet to choose between the two contenders: EPIK and hagwon. 440 more words


Teaching in South Korea : Room Tour

It’s been a little over three months since I stopped teaching in a South Korean hagwon and returned to the States, so I’ve been trying to reflect on my experience there. 479 more words


"The Wampanoags were the good Indians."

The school where I teach decided to have a special Thanksgiving celebration. I, as the sole representative of American cultures and traditions, was in charge of making it happen. 927 more words