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Sarangani Gani. :)

Right. So I’ve decided to make this online diary with my travels. Hahaha. Char lang bitaw. This 2014 kase I’ve decided to get loose and fly. 245 more words


Life After You

The problem with voicemail is that it can never be taken back. 

I never imagined it would have ended like that. I heard his voice tell her to tell me she was my girlfriend. 282 more words

Chỉ Huy Mẽo: Chuyện tình mùa đông

Sáng sớm đang ngủ say sưa thì papa gọi điện, hỏi có muốn đi xem film không. Lập tức tỉnh như một con sáo, nhanh chóng tắm rửa thay đồ, bôi son trét phấn, tốc độ gấp x10 những ngày đi chơi và x100 những ngày đi học =)) 3,380 more words


Dump your dumbness Mister Tumnus.

Dear Strathfield Municipal Council,

Please tell me how you will investigate the case of the “lounge dump” and how your outrageous pink tape will prevent future instances, supported with empirical research.


Where is Santa Claus? This is science (2)

Take heart! Here are five proofs for the existence of Santa Claus. Now, this is a bit philosophical. We proceed thus to the next article of discussion. 488 more words

Where is Santa Claus? This is science (1)

Hey peeps and Kenyan rich kiddos, who is Santa Claus? Is he even Christian? Does he pee? If yes when? And does he pop into houses through chimneys at night, checks what’s in the fridge, takes the snack and leaves a present? 489 more words