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the flower in question

The flower in question

opens its petals quizzically –

question the flower -

it answers with ascent too -

petals’ colours’ dye 

How like an old photograph, our memory alters the flower in question – yet we never forget that most significant moment dyed in our thoughts.


Haibun by Angelee Deodhar

All morning, cool against my palm, this brown speckled craggy grey stone makes me wonder why I picked it from their bowl of pebbles. Over hot oatmeal ,the sweet taste of brown sugar, I am told that this stone came from the Olympic Coast. 84 more words

Haiku, Tanka, And Japanese Forms

The farther shore–a haibun

Written for http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.sg/2014/07/carpe-diem-528-basho-6-my-dreams-start.html

- In the Dreamtime legends of the Gundjitmara people, the indigenous tribe of this part of Australia, Bunjil the creator being left the Earth at Deen Maar, an offshore island.  The part of the mainland that looks directly at the island is also known as Deen Maar.   Whenever  I go there I feel I am looking out at a way station between this life and next.  


Morning Clatter ~ #007 July 2014 Haiga and Haibun for Red Wolf Poems We Wordle Prompt #23

Morning Chaff

summer blues. the morning mountains. so far away. in volcanic haze—vog. i swallow iceless water. the kitchen. dismantled. fans whir. heat rising with the birds. 299 more words

Rick Daddario

Tiny Garden: Fresno Chilies

After sunset and a brief thunderstorm I went to check on the tiny garden.  We have a couple of pots of Fresno chiles.  I have never tasted one but research says it is hotter than the Serranos.  38 more words



“The streaker?”

“We have a new one,” she tells me over wine on the porch. “He’s fully clothed, but he’ll run through a room and straight into the wall. 87 more words