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Unspoken Words by Eugenie P.

We sit on the dock, Cassandra and I. An awkward tension is between us. We both have so much to say, but we just don’t have the words to say them. 21 more words


Rose by Lucille S.

The sun rose. Rays of light pierced the horizon, illuminating a garden of roses. There were multitudes in every direction, each the picture of perfection. 42 more words


Flying Cats- The Kit Race by Stephanie W.

Crow Shadow sees his kits sneaking out of the grove. He silently follows them, hoping they won’t get into trouble.

Crow Shadow takes flight,

Racing through the dark, damp woods. 110 more words


Lavender Teeth

The sharp mint of lavender with their hands and feet. It’s a dance of the sway. The back and forth, and the two-timing tang of snapping twigs, plucking nails. 244 more words


Present tense

Bear brings healing. Raven carries me to you and comforts me when the distance feels like a measure of pain rather than of miles and months. 191 more words


A Justification for Scifaiku

I wrote this a number of years ago for publication in a long-forgotten online magazine that is now defunct.  Since I have been talking scifaiku on Twitter with some people lately, I thought I’d republish.  

1,840 more words


It’s raining—just a drizzle that washes everything anew, leaves are greener, flowers more fragrant, birds chirping. It is the kind of weather that makes one want to smile at strangers. 48 more words

Paresh Tiwari