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Tidal Acceleration

With every snap, crackle, pop your first thought is not that you left the turntable on but that your turntable is haunted. When you finally get up to check, you forget which way the switch sways to turn on and off. 76 more words



prose: here, now
haiku: A Hundred Gourds 3.3

thanks to Shan Thomas.
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Since I Came To Town (Haibun)

As far as I know, this church has had a good run of pastors. Until I got to town. Started regularly shaking hands with them. A disgusting, horrific, predatory demon fell upon the first pastor I knew. 87 more words


Glimmer of hope (haibun)

It was time to look ahead although it would not be easy since her recent loss. She felt blessed and loved by her friends and family who had attended the service  which offered her a glimmer of hope for the  upcoming festive season. 102 more words


Peppermint and Dust (Haibun)

I am *not* a decorator.  You won’t see green St. Patrick’s Day “stuff” around the house, nor will you find tacky tissue paper turkeys, bunnies, or Liberty Bells.  204 more words

Excuses (haibun)

Genevieve was struggling with work lately. Her supervisor was often on her case…any excuse to put her down. She had been working on a big project for the insurance company for the past three months. 198 more words


Back to the Blackberries Field

Days In The Blackberries Field

The sky stopped, spread the arms and raised up the Earth to see it better.
‘Too much nothingness’, the sky thought. 72 more words

Days In The Blackberries Field