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After Basho -taking the narrow road

There was a time when, like Basho, I sewed a new string onto my hat and hung a ‘To Let’ sign outside my cottage. It being the twenty-first century I did not walk but drove my car as I took the narrow coast road north. 182 more words


Kathmandu Magic

It was years ago when I walked the streets of Kathmandu. I was young and lucky in a way that only a backpacker would think lucky. 277 more words


Faery folk

I went to Ireland and asked the faeries for help with a problem I could not solve alone. Up on the Hill of Tara I heard their voices – I swear it’s true though you may think me strange. 111 more words


Time out of mind

In the stone circle -

the stars wheel, the ancient speaks

- all time is cyclic

 High on a hill above Bantry Bay in Ireland stands the stone circle of Kealkil. 149 more words


A journey to India

challenge Carpe Diem – A Journey to India

Hippy girl wanders

beads and flowers in the hair,

seeking the Buddha

I took the hippy trail and wound up out of Australia, through S.E. 196 more words


Poem from 'Old Stone'

Next up, planning for this year (2014) will be old stone. Here I want to bring together a collection that features haiku, haibun and senryu, with both more traditional forms and experimental pieces. 149 more words

Ashley Capes

Haibun Thinking: Week 13 – April 15th 2014

FILM QUOTE:  Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first.”
- Good Will Hunting

“Art is for art’s sake, who cares about what… 342 more words