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#018-30doh. Apple Crunch ~ #017 For 30 Days of Haiga ~ September 2014 with Haibun

Another Channel

really. what I wanted to write. is about this old crabapple tree. one from my memory. even then it seemed like it must have been a thousand years old. 637 more words

Rick Daddario

NEW YORK CITY, AUGUST 2001 (for DVerse Poets)

“Buildings are forever, but Broadway plays are not,”
I said to myself as I went down from the souvenir shops
of the Building’s fourth floor to catch Cabaret. 214 more words


Emma! Daylight is pretty cool!

I left for work at 6:45am and the sky was blue and the sun  was rising…a big fat ball of gold facing me on my walk to the bus. 642 more words


Whale watching – a haibun

If you wore a hat down here today it would have blown to Alaska or even the North Pole. The spring gales have started.

I read online that a whale gave birth to her calf in the waters here last week and that the pair can sometimes be seen from the Whale Viewing Platform. 162 more words


Sagittarius and Aquarius

You chased after him based on a Chinese horoscope. Jupiter was in your fifth house. That summer a family of fox moved into the neighborhood. 22 more words


Tall Grasses (Haibun)

Let us pause and enjoy the tall grasses today –

The brown stalks that surround the empty cornfields are just as lovely when they are brown as when they were fresh and green.  208 more words


Walking the thin tree line between vast ploughed fields, we were enclosed by a dry and brittle world. Skeletons of hemlock and cowparsley strewn under our feet, splintered and crunched as we made our way through this miniature wood…little, down white feathers softly snagged and large feathers; owl, magpie, crow and pheasant, indications of a far too crowded headland. 134 more words