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Friends Again

A surprise visit
All mistakes are forgiven
I missed you, my friend.


Silent no more (three word wednesday)

 The child stood in the doorway wet and covered in mud. She was shivering and there was blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. She kept her head down and moved quickly across the room hoping that no one would notice her. 158 more words


The drill

A new song on the radio
strengthens the will to sweep
a butterfly perches on a flower


terribly content

These haiku were inspired by the Haiku Horizons word prompt “content”.

terribly content
watching the spider package
her larder contents

* * *

children are content… 35 more words

Alice Keys MD

[tiny fruit]

tiny fruit
feeds the soil-
season changes


Troiku, a new haiku creative form an example "A Double Peony"

Troiku: a double peony.

Some time ago I wrote a Carpe Diem Preview on a new creative form of writing haiku, the troiku. This post is another try on this new creative way of writing haiku. 143 more words


Please, don't look back.

When my smile fades
It is because I lose you
To those yesterdays.