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Grievance Haiku

in my harbour

many ships

all are smouldering

now is the time,

for supper

it’s barbecued lamb!!


revise Basho's "a midday nap"

a midday nap
putting the feet against the wall
it feels cool

(c) Basho (translation by  R.H. Blyth)

this coolness …
my feet rested on the wall… 15 more words


Un bouquet d'immortelles

Everlasting flowers un bouquet d’immortelles
The singing blackbird outside does not need
For the flow of Time makes its song immortal


4/23/14: Remembering Track and Field

desire riding

heart and lungs, pursuit and

living full


Picked on 8 April '14

early spring
one last brown leaf
lands into the water, and sails away

Travel Journal/Carnet De Voyage