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Haiku 45

Tight Rope

Morning sky ways glint
Glistened tight ropes in the sun
In haste spider spun



A silken condom

Truly, can never protect

Even a wealthy cock.


Microwaves are graves

Hamsters go in, never out

Take care of your pets. 47 more words


- haiku # 81 -

What a true songbird,

nature’s cure in any light,

you coo like the wind.

D.J. Whisenant


July 5th 2014

Living life right is
Having a genuine need
For a costume box


July 4th 2014

Today at the zoo
I discovered my dream home
The butterfly house


July 3rd 2014

Often exhausted
But happily and with cause
It feels quite alright


July 2nd 2014

Every now and then
I set myself challenges
Some great and some small

I’ve longed to write more
But lacked the confidence
Or inspiration

Now I’ve set the task… 21 more words