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Kery Doll

It was released on picture disc only. Smart move? Or?

Vinyl Record

Rascal Flatts Covered 'Kickstart My Heart' And Motley Crue Says It's 'Their Song Now'

On August 19, that strange, unlikely section of music’s Venn diagram that features an overlap of manufactured pop country and 80s hair metal fans will be happier than ever at the release of “ 293 more words


Feel The Shake

I like it loud and clear so don’t be shy
give me my music and I’m ready to fly
If it ain’t loud enough I don’t waste my time… 563 more words

Record Collecting

Jack Russell's Great White @ Watseka Theatre Watseka, IL

F R I D A Y A U G U S T 1 5 , 2 0 1 4
Jack Russell’s Great White. Rock Anthems sold over 8 million records in 80s & 90s. 73 more words


Steel Panther Heading Out to the Highway with Judas Priest

It’s 2014.  The hair metal craze has long since passed, relegated to classic rock status at this point.  However, the one band that still carries the “Aquanet torch” – … 247 more words

Judas Priest

Periwinkle (aka The Winger Bomb)


(from unpublished manuscript: The Crayon Box Manifesto)


Time: Post-Apocalyptic
Place: Earth!

in the 1950’s

grade school film strips preached

         the duck and cover method for survival… 513 more words