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Pure Replusion

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mickey Rourke, being casually gross.

Swedish Godzilla

Reckless Love English Tour

My second favorite band in the world is starting a tour in England in a couple of days. Here’s to the English people, guys do me a favor and check out Reckless Love. 76 more words

Irene Pavlidi

Tommy in Spandex (with pictures)

So, this weekend we were going to drive to Chicago to see Sweetheart’s brother, Tommy, who is playing an angry bass player in “Dee Snider’s Rock-n-Roll Christmas Tale… 848 more words


Big Trouble-Long Start To A Short Career

After finding this under the pile of other new releases, several things came to mind. Why does the name Big Trouble sound familiar? How old is this? 364 more words

CD Reviews

Song of the Day (11/12/2014) - "Don't Treat Me Bad" by FireHouse

Today’s song is by probably one of the most underrated band of the late 1980s. FireHouse came about just as the metal scene was starting to slow down, so naturally they got overlooked as just another “hair band” gimmick. 77 more words

Songs Of The Day

Ratt - Invasion Of Your Privacy

A cheesy cover for a cheesy 80s hair metal band. Ok, maybe they weren’t as cheesy as some hair metal bands, but just look at that cover. 70 more words

Hair Metal

The Big Book of Hair Metal - Martin Popoff

The Illustrated Oral History of Heavy Metal’s Debauched Decade

First off, I hate the term “Hair Metal.” Always have – always will.

By the time that term was coined and being used it was no longer applicable IMO. 971 more words

Demolish A.D.