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Hairy WIPs (These are Taking Forever!)

As promised, here are some progress photos with close-ups:

It’s a pretty straight-forward post. Getting to the meditative stages in all three drawings. One of the reasons why they’re taking forever is because I’m constantly going back in forth between the charcoal and the kneaded eraser. 36 more words


"Look What I Found!" and So On...

This post is mainly a “I’m not dead yet” update. Also, I wanted to get the last post out of the way. I couldn’t stand looking at the ugly experiment and I’m in denial that it came from me. 227 more words


Happy Accident

Guess what?

I had a happy accident! Again, sorry for the shoddy quality, but I had to post about it. It feels nice to get a little excited for the next project. 167 more words