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So the other day, my urges were so overwhelmingly strong that I could feel it coming 2 days before it hit. I was weak and I did pick a few of my lashes.   122 more words



I am truly enjoying the new me that is not being dominated by a bad habit.  Last week,  I did have a set back but I did not let it overtake me. 188 more words


Control Me

In the time I’ve been MIA, a lot has happened. Today, I’d like to talk about one thing in particular, and that thing is being controlled during sex. 566 more words


Realizing Everything is Going Wrong

Have you ever realized how in just a few weeks people can disappear out of your life? How things can change dramatically? Wanting everything to rewind just isn’t working. 223 more words


My Trick To Stop Me From Pulling

If your wondering about the headline it’s one of my methods to stop my self from pulling my hair out. As most of my readers know I suffer from trichotillomaina, if your not sure what it is just do a quick google in short it’s a hair pulling disorder and there is no cure for it. 216 more words

Everything Beauty

I must say that I am quite amazed with myself. I have been pull free for over 2 weeks!!! That is almost unheard of for myself.   55 more words


Mirror Mirror on The Wall

I wash my face and look into the mirror… completely devastated at what I see. No I have not picked,  but I have to face myself and truly realize what I’ve  been doing to myself.   145 more words