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20 hairs, 2 band-aids, and endlessly pissed off

Today is not a good day. It’s 2:00, I’ve been lax at monitoring -though genuinely trying my best. I’m already over 20 hairs and I have 2 bandaids on- one on each index finger- and I’m fucking frustrated. 112 more words

Hair Pulling

CBT - Monitoring - Me vs. the clicker

Having a really good day today. Feeling extremely hopeful and positive.

One of the first things my doctor had me do I began Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) was monitoring. 479 more words

Hair Pulling

Hair pulling: How it all started

I first noticed that I started pulling my hair out while sitting at my desk at my first job straight out of college. It had been a stressful job hunt and I was happy I’d landed a great job in project management at a digital advertising agency. 418 more words

Hair Pulling


I wish I had more confidence in the real world. I have lots of confidence when I’m at the dungeon. Right before a client walks through the door I tell myself that I am gonna blow him away (figuratively) with my skills and my looks and my attitude and I believe it and I carry that feeling throughout the sesssion. 168 more words

So the other day, my urges were so overwhelmingly strong that I could feel it coming 2 days before it hit. I was weak and I did pick a few of my lashes.   122 more words



I am truly enjoying the new me that is not being dominated by a bad habit.  Last week,  I did have a set back but I did not let it overtake me. 188 more words