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Day 10 - if I don't pull

it is 2:45 and a haven’t pulled a single hair! if i go for the rest of today without pulling i get ice cream and i get to go to a museum. 54 more words


Day 9 - American Girl

My parents said that if I  stop pulling my hair permanently I get an American girl doll. American girl is a brand of doll that I like. 40 more words


Tick Tock Trich

So, I don’t know if I will blog again or soon, but I keep trying to decide what I should blog about. I began thinking of something that consumes most of my life, and yet something people would want to know more about. 607 more words


Tricking the Trich - a few tips

In a recent brainstorm, I was remembering some random items that parents of kids with trich might find helpful…..
For example, we learned from a support group meeting in Memphis a couple of months ago that a lot of people with trich take a dietary supplement, called NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine).  605 more words


Days Seven & Eight

Dr Pollard and i tried something… he had me hold a hair and not pull. then he set a timer. my longest time was five minutes and four seconds. 78 more words


Leaders Hanging on Like Grim Death

Those who haven’t read Moby-Dick for a while often forget how uproariously funny the book can be. That’s partly because, like Shakespeare, Melville can turn on a dime, making you guffaw one minute and pulling you into dark drama the next. 874 more words

Captain Ahab