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Kicking Trichotillomania's A** -- Excerpt from " Doesn't it Hurt?: Confessions of Compulsive Hair Pullers"

It is estimated that 2-4% of the American population is living with trichotillomania. Because so many cases go unreported, the numbers may be much higher. Living with trichotillomania can lead to feelings of shame, depression and anxiety. 5,622 more words

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So, here it is...

I have been having this internal debate for a while now on how I want to discuss this topic. The reason it is so difficult is due to the shame and stigma associated with the disorder and what I have felt for roughly nine years. 802 more words

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Competing Response Options

So I’ve talked a bit about competing response but never really got into what those are.

So after you’ve been monitoring for awhile and you’ve got a better idea of how, when, and why you pull – you can start to implement competing responses. 408 more words

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Prescription Treatment for Trichotillomania - Helpful or Not?

At the height of my pulling about 5-6 years in, I talked to a psychologist who mentioned that lowering my anxiety and depression might help with my pulling. 556 more words

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Battling The Urge - All Day, Every Day

I’m really shitty¬†at monitoring over the weekend. I have no routine on the weekends but am generally out and about so I pull a lot less. 188 more words

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Aaaaand I'm (almost) off!

I was approved for my visa last Wednesday, and emailed about my approval on Friday. However, I didn’t find out until today because said email did not arrive in my inbox until this morning at 11:11 AM. 353 more words

#MuseMonday - The #Manicheans

Hello all!

Hope the weekend has treated you nicely – I started working on my next book, and the hair pulling has begun once again. As… 942 more words