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Trich Medication Options

Under the My Story page, I have the medications that I have tried to combat trich with as well as the ones I’m currently on now. 132 more words

Hair Pulling

So You're An Ass

I honestly don’t know what to put but I thought that would suit the post. Any who last night was not a great night but sometimes they happen when you have trichotillomania sometimes you have minor set backs but I can’t count it as a major set back because there is not spots of hair missing. 745 more words


bad day

I have been having trichotillomania attacks more frequently lately. Have you heard about “text neck”? How the way we hold our heads while texting is fucking up our spinal cords? 415 more words


Coffee and a visit to the library

Five days after our initial meeting, we were to meet again, this time in my city.  I could get changed at home and would feel more relaxed. 888 more words

Our first meeting

It was our first meeting today, I parked my car, put money in the meter and headed to meet him. I was purposely early. I wanted to appear unflustered when we met.  376 more words

Thanks for the Support, Doc.

When I first started pulling my eyelashes, my mom was really concerned.  She brought me to a few psychiatrists, all of which had lots of questions but no answers.   671 more words

Hair Pulling

hello, i say, covered in bagel crumbs.

I’m going through a lot of stuff. And when I say “stuff”, I mean, “teaching is not like I thought it would be” and “I do not like teaching and that is a very difficult thing for me to accept”. 570 more words