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I always laugh when someone eats right and exercises for 1 whole week and expect to see a sudden change.  I ask them “How long did it take you to get all of that weight?   206 more words

Don't Be Fooled

1 common trick that my mind likes to play on me is the pimple game. I will sometimes get a pimple in or near my eyebrows that confuse my picking urges. 110 more words

Hair pulling

Hair pulling – a little something to spice things up. Just remember to discuss it before doing, because: a) some people don’t like to be submissive, b) not everyone likes it rough, c) hair roots may be very sensitive, d) must be in the right mood. 8 more words


Old Habits Die Hard

I have always heard that it takes 14 days to break a habit.  Sadly,  I don’t think this applies to something like Trichotillomania.  For me this condition has so many aspects to it. 142 more words


Day 10 - if I don't pull

it is 2:45 and a haven’t pulled a single hair! if i go for the rest of today without pulling i get ice cream and i get to go to a museum. 54 more words


Day 9 - American Girl

My parents said that if I  stop pulling my hair permanently I get an American girl doll. American girl is a brand of doll that I like. 40 more words