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Recovering From A Hair Disaster

About a month ago I decided I wanted to try something new to my hair as I’ve been growing the natural hair out for sometime now.   244 more words



The day started out pretty bad. I hardly slept a wink the previous night which resulted to a rather cranky yjanas upon arriving at the DFA, where I was greeted by a crowd of people cramped up in what seemed to be a waiting hallway of some sort. 679 more words

Is this the secret to perfect hair?

I’ve spotted a new trend cropping up in the world of hair care recently, reverse hair washing. Conditioning hair BEFORE you shampoo is all the rage at the minute, but what does it actually do? 232 more words


New Hair Products: "As I AM"

Can I go ahead and tell y’all how pleased, more like ecstatic I am about my new hair care products ?!?! I am a product junkie at my core and  I try new products all the time so needless to say I have tried everything to help me maintain and lock in my curls and give me added moisture;  but I just had not found that “it” product. 164 more words


Beyonce graces the cover of TIME Magazine

I woke up like this…FLAWLESS!

Beyonce’, to no surprise, made the cover of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, while launching her #WhatIsPretty campaign. Its a social media campaign created to combat the never ending cycle of what it TRULY means to be pretty. 34 more words

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Glam Tip: Coconut Oil: Fab or Fad?

Coconut Oil: Fab or Fad

Hi! I’m Faith and I’m delighted to be a guest blogger here at nianoelle.com I’m an Esthetician and Makeup Artist. Oh and I also wrote the book Love, Beauty so you’re in very good hands. 583 more words

Stiletto Diaries

I Failed...

It happened. I got drunk on Saturday… yeah I got drunk!! And we big chopped my hair. Lmao. I should have recorded it. Btw the girl that cut it was not drunk and had big chopped hers in January after transitioning. 37 more words

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